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Does Tony Dokoupil Have Jewish Roots? Religion & Ethnicity

Lately, there has been a rising concern regarding the religion and ethnicity of the famous American broadcast journalist Tony Dokoupil, and many of his viewers are assuming that he is Jewish. So, let’s explore the details.

Tony Dokoupil is an American journalist known for co-hosting the television program CBS Mornings.

He is equally popular as a news correspondent for CBS News and MSNBC.

The now-popular journalist, Tony, went to Severna Park High School in Maryland, where he had relocated with his mother when he was six.

Tony later went to George Washington University to study business and then Columbia University to study media.

Upon completing his studies, he began his career in news and media as a senior writer and then a presenter at MSNBC.

As a news reporter, he became famous, often making people curious about his personal life.

Many people also wonder if Tony Dokoupil is Jewish by ethnicity and what religion he follows.

Tony Dokoupil’s Journey: From Czech Heritage to Embracing Judaism and His Jewish Ethnicity

The speculations of Tony Dokoupil being Jewish by ethnicity began after people started discovering that he is of Czech heritage.

As we all know, the Czech Republic and Jewish ethnicity have a solid history together.

Tony Dokoupil pictured while working
Tony Dokoupil is a Farmington native. (Source: Twitter)

Often, when netizens make assumptions about famous people, sometimes they don’t turn out to be true.

However, it appears that the assumption of Tony Dokoupil being of a Jewish ethnicity is indeed true.

Various sources suggest that he follows Judaism as his religion. Tony has also written an article about his adult circumcision for ‘New States Man.’

The article’s title is ‘My Adult Circumcision: How I Made the Cut for My New Religion.’

Tony Dokoupil on set
Tony Dokoupil enjoys his job at MSNBC even when he is off the camera. (Source: Twitter)

Adult circumcision is a practice in Judaism religion where a man’s foreskin is removed.

This is done as a promise from the Jewish people to god as written in the Hebrew Bible.

This proves the dedication of Tony Dokoupil towards his religion as a Jewish man. He really values it and does not shy away to show his admiration towards it.

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Tony Dokoupil’s Personal Life: A Tale of Family, Faith, and Privacy

His first wife was also of the Jewish ethnicity and lives in Tel Aviv with her two children in Israel.

Tony was vocal about his worry for his ex-wife and children when the Palestine-Israel war first broke out.

However, he has also stated that both his children, along with his ex-wife, are doing fine.

Tony Dokoupil has not made their names public and believes in keeping it private. He wants to keep it hidden for their security and well-being.

Tony Dokoupil in a t-shirt
Tony Dokoupil is married to Katy Tur. (Source: Twitter)

He currently lives with his second wife, Katy Tur, whom he married in October 2017.

Katy Tur is also a TV journalist and Jewish by ethnicity, similar to her husband Tony Dokoupil.

They have two children together and live a pleasant life as a family. Tony loves sharing pictures of his family on his various social media pages.

Fans cannot stop gushing about how beautiful and perfect the family looks together.

As a Jewish family, they celebrate various Jewish festivals with their other family members.

It appears that Tony Dokoupil and his wife, Katy Tur, want their children to value the Jewish religion as much as they do.

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