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Top Boy Series Most Anticipated Question: Why Was Sully In Prison?

Among all the anticipated questions that fans have, why Sully was in prison has to be at the top. Continue reading to know more.

The show Top Boy has developed quite a cult following among devoted viewers. This is all due to the show’s graphic portrayal of the gang warfare scenario in East London.

Dushane and Sully are the two main characters in the narrative. Being the “Top Boy” in their community is their only goal.

Sully, a complex character in Top Boy, has a history of harming people and endangering his business. He is critical, impulsive, and occasionally empathetic.

He is friends with Dushane, who helped create the Summerhouse gang, and has a daughter named Tash.

Sully is more impulsive and competitive than Dushane, and their partnership is on the test because of their distinct personalities and goals.

The debate among the fans is about Sully going to prison and the drifting relationship between him and Dushane.

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Why Was Sully In Prison? The Possible Reasons

The fans want to know in depth why Sully was in prison.

Sully, a ruthless drug dealer, and gang leader, co-founded the Summerhouse gang with his childhood friend Dushane.

He executes anyone who threatens his reputation, loyalty, or company. Due to his participation in the heroin trade, Sully neglects his daughter, Tash.

The police are furious with Sully and detain him for the murder of Kamale. He tries to break out of jail with Modie but is unsuccessful. Therefore, he is placed in solitary.

Fans wondering why sully was in prison
Sully pointed out a gun. (Source: Instagram)

Also, Sully tries to escape the drug trade, but his allegiance to Dushane and his niece Pebbles keeps him there.

So, following through the seasons, Sully was imprisoned in season 3 after being found in possession of a firearm. He was granted bail and was later put on trial.

Furthermore, Dushane poses accusations of killing Dris, a former buddy and associate in the Summerhouse gang, on Sully in season 4.

In retaliation, Sully murders Dris, and Dushane uses surveillance footage to prove his guilt.

Sully attempts to survive and clear his name while spending most of the season in jail. When he faces Dushane and Jamie after making his getaway with his girlfriend Delphine, he shoots Jamie to death.

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Answers To Top Boy Series Most Anticipated Questions

Among the most anticipated questions in the series Top Boy has to be, why was Sully in prison?

However, the series follows the lives of drug dealers and gang members in London and their conflicts and challenges.

Sully in a shot saying he is here and don’t push it. (Source: Instagram)

So, fans have a list of questions they want answers to.

The following are a few of the most likely inquiries from viewers for the forthcoming season:

Will Sully and Dushane remain friends or enemies?

Sully and Dushane had a heated argument in season 4 when Dushane accused Sully of killing Dris. Sully broke out of jail and confronted Dushane.

Despite their sour relationship, they decided to team up to take down Jamie, the Fields gang’s commander.

Will they be able to trust each other again, or will they turn on each other in the final season?

Sully and Dushane create many differences, and it is hard for them to trust one another.

How will Dushane deal with his family issues?

Dushane, a Jamaican father, struggles with his family, including a son, a drug-addicted sister, and a daughter.

In season 4, he attempts to reconnect with his son but faces rejection. He also learns his father is dying of cancer.

Will there be any new characters or surprises?

Top Boy introduces new characters and twists each season, such as Delphine, Barry Keoghan, and Little Simz, who play key roles in the show, such as Sully’s escape, Barry’s connections, and Shelley’s friend.

The fans surely do have a lot of anticipation as this season will mark the end of the series. Further, many twists and turns await the characters in the show.

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