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Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time

In an era where the entertainment industry and lavish events rule the world, only a few occasions, such as the Super Bowl halftime shows, capture a global audience and connect them.

The Super Bowl halftime show is among the most prominent athletic events of the year.

While football fans across the world await the result of the NFL season, millions of others tune in to see the performance of their favorite star.

Even in 2022, the show has become the year’s most high-profile event.

Performers of the Superbowl Halftime Show (Source: Pinterest)

As Dwayne Johnson gave the loud and roaring start, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent performed the halftime show together.

This isn’t the first time the Super Bowl has become a huge success.
Now, without further ado, let’s read in detail about the Top 10 Super Bowl Halftime Shows of All Time.

Quick Overview

Name of Artist Date
10. The Weekend 2021
9. Bruno Mars 2014
8. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira 2020
7. U2 2002
6. Madonna  2013
5. Katy perry 2015
4. Janet  Jackson
3. Beyoncé & Destinys Child  2013
2. Michael Jackson  1993
1. Prince 2007

10. The Weeknd ( 2021)

The 2021 Super Bowl halftime show was held in the upper pavilion of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

It was reminiscent of a music video trapped inside a haunted house of mirrors. The Weeknd took the stage for the show, complete with pyrotechnics and lights.

Furthermore, he was accompanied by a group of men dressed in all black with red jackets and bandaged faces, which gained national attention.

The Weekend Performing in SuperBowl 2021 (Source: Pinterest)

The grammy-winning singer sang a medley of his hits, including “Can’t Feel My Face,” “Earned It,” and “Blinding Lights.”

Due to Covid protocols, the event was attended only by members of his production, and there were no any surprise guests.

Even The Weeknd spent more than $7 million for the production of the show.

The show was a great success and is considered one of the most memorable Super Bowl events.

The Weeknd confessed in an interview that his performance was influenced by that of Micheal Jackson.

9. Bruno Mars (2014)

With his sleek and polished appearance, the pop sensation graced the stage during the 2014 Super Bowl. Mars delivered one of the finest performances in history.

Bruno Mars‘ performance in Super Bowl XLVIII at New York City’s first-ever Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium was the pinnacle of his career at the time.

Bruno Mars in Superbowl 2014 (Source: Pinterest)

Many people questioned that the Hawaiian native would have a large enough portfolio to receive such a distinction, but he outdid himself.

It began with small children holding hands in front of American flags and finished with troops devoting their families to “Just the Way You Are.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mars himself performed a drum solo during the lively and entertaining performance.

8. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira (2020)

While Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were not the first Latinas to perform at the halftime show, they surely made a statement in 2020.

It was difficult to locate a performer for the performance due to Colin Kaepernick’s blacklisting, but the Colombian goddess and the New York Puerto Rican hustler graced the stage.

Jennifer and Shakira in Superbowl 2020 (Source: Pinterest)

Jennifer rode in on a stripper pole as Shakira performed the guitar. The two divas created headlines with their thrilling performance.

Moreover, Emme Lopez, Lopez’s daughter, made a cameo appearance during the concert, singing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

7. U2 (2002)

When U2 played at Super Bowl XXXVI, they delivered one of the greatest live-TV rock & roll moments ever.

With their performance remembering the lives lost on September 11, 2001, the Irish rockers solidified their place in Super Bowl halftime show history.

U2 Superbowl Performance in 2002 (Source: Pinterest)

They opened the show with “Beautiful Day,” and they had no idea how beautiful their performance would be.

The most moving moment of the show was when they played “Where the Streets Have No Name” while the names of everyone who died on that unfortunate day kept scrolling behind them.

The tribute lasted until the end of the concert when Bono opened his jacket to reveal an American flag within.

6. Madonna (2012)

Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl performance is one of the most remarkable performances with a captivating entrance of the queen of pop music.

She appeared as a Greek goddess carried by Spartan soldiers at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

Similarly, the diva utilized the occasion to start off her MDNA tour.

She managed to energize the crowd with new songs and old favorites alike, including a magnificent version of “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer.”

Madonna Performing in Superbowl (Source: Pinterest)

The show also featured some of the most talented and expressive stars performing with Madonna.

The onscreen middle finger ovation that she gave while singing “Gimme Your Luvin” created a scandal and the headlines too.

Even though she reached an agreement with the NFL, the terms of the agreement were never made public.

5. Katy Perry (2015)

Katy Perry’s performance at Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 elicited a collective roar from the entire audience.

Her grand entrance into the show made headlines and sparked a new wave of excitement among her fans.

Perry began her show by riding a mechanical lion into the stadium in Glendale, Ariz, and wrapped it by flying above the audience on a phony platform shaped like a shooting star.

Katy Perry Performing in the Superbowl 2015 (Source: Pinterest)

In between, she danced with others dressed as sharks along with her, the entire audience danced and cheered.

The three songs Perry surrendered to guest singer Missy Elliott to perform were perhaps the greatest moments of the show.

From “Roar” to “Firework,” Katy delivered a powerful performance. This was rather stunning because it reflected her hardships and struggle to reach the top. She certainly roared.

Elliott’s look was charming since it was unique. Both acts deserved to have 110 million people watching them.

4. Janet  Jackson (2004)

The events are becoming more glamorous and fancier in recent years. Along with their performance, the star’s outfit makes the headlines.

And, just like the stars, our fearless Janet Jackson has to deal with wardrobe malfunctions during the show.

The event was intense and entertaining, but whenever people discuss the show, her mishap is also discussed.

Super Bowl Halftime Shows- Jannet-Jackson-Superbowl
Jannet Jackso Performing in Superbowl (Source: Pinterest)

When Jackson took the stage, she captivated the audience with a thrilling performance in which she sang and cheered to a live performance of her 2001 hit, “All For You.”

She handed the stage to allow guests Diddy, Nelly, and Kid Rock to take their turns. However, she returned to perform “Rhythm Nation.”

Despite the fact that the show caused some scandals and controversy, it was one of the best shows ever with such captivating performances where Tom Brady won his second championship.

3. Beyoncé & Destinys Child (2013)

Beyoncé performed one of the best halftime shows in history, ranking her directly behind the following two epic performers.

The diva reunited with the Destiny Child for the show. During Super Bowl XLVII, Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé, and Michelle Williams lit up the stage thrilling the world.

Super Bowl Halftime Shows- Beyoncé & Destinys-Child-Superbowl
Beyoncé & Destinys Child Superbowl (source: Pinterest)

The trio captivated the audience with “Bootylicious,” “Single Ladies,” and “Independent Women.”

Moreover, Beyoncé also made a show of singing Beyhive faves, including “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy.”

The 2013 performance was so lavish that half of the lights in the Superdome went out, leading in a 33-minute, 55-second blackout.

2. Michael Jackson (1993)

Prior to Michael Jackson, Super Bowl halftime concerts consisted mostly of marching bands and other inane acts. He single-handedly revolutionized halftime for the entire world.

Michael Jackson captured the attention of the audience during his 1993 Super Bowl performance in Pasadena, California, by standing completely motionless in silence on stage for about two minutes.

Super Bowl Halftime Shows- Michael-Jackson
Michael Jackson in SuperBowl 1993 (Source: Pinterest)

He then sang a medley of his classics, including “Billie Jean,” before concluding the event with “Heal the World” with hundreds of children who stormed on stage.

Jackson also sang “Billie Jean,” during which he moonwalked across the stage.

The King of Pop is highly regarded for changing halftime performances into the glamorous fest.

1. Prince 2007

Prince was accompanied by a brass marching band until he brought the house down at Super Bowl XLI, crowning it as the greatest halftime show of all time.

On a rainy Sunday night in Miami, the football excitement and the show perfectly matched up, mesmerizing a huge audience.

As the final scorecard read, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears; Prince’s performance is likely to be the most remembered aspect of the game.

Super Bowl Halftime Shows- Prince-Superbowl
Prince Performing in Superbowl 2007 (Source: Pinterest)

He covered Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” and the Foo Fighters’ “Best of You” in mashups.

Furthermore, his own version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” got the entire audience on their feet and singing along.

He ended the show with a flawless version of Purple Rain, complete with an epic guitar solo in the rain.

Despite the fact that the great singer passed away in 2016, the event retains its charm and popularity.


Although we have only listed the top ten Super Bowl shows of all time, every Super Bowl performer since the early years deserves to be lauded for their dedication.

They have given their all to entertain people, and in return, people have shown them more love and support.

2022 Halftime Show
2022 Halftime Show (Source: Popsugar)

In this Super Bowl, the rap genre was put to the test, and it showed that if given the chance, rap can take on the big stage and give fans their best time.

All in all, this year’s Super Bowl was a visual treat.

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