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Top 10 Wrestlers In The World

Top 10 Wrestlers In The World!!!

If you are a crazy fan of wrestling and eager to know if your favorite wrestler is on the list of top wrestlers, then you should definitely check this one out.

Here, we will explore the top wrestlers in the world.

Quick Overview

 Name of Wrestler Debut Date Awards
10. Kane February 20, 1995 3-times World Champion and 12-times World Tag Team Champion
9. Kurt Angle October 26, 1996 13-times World Championships
8. Randy Orton April 25, 2000 10-Times World Champion and 4-times World Heavyweight Champion
7. Edge May 10, 1996 Total 31 Championships
6. Daniel Bryan 2000 4-times WWE Championships
5. John Cena October 10, 2000 Total 17 Championships with 10-times World Champion
4. Shawn Michaels October 8, 1984 4-times World Championship
3. Undertaker November 19, 1990 4-times World Champion and 3-times World Heavyweight Champion.
2. Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock.’ November 4, 1996 Total 17 Championships in WWE
1. Stone Cold Steve Austin January 1996 Total 19 Championships

Top Wrestler Of All Time

All the information included are from trusted sites such as WWE, IMDb, and Wikipedia.

10. Kane

Glenn Thomas Jacobs is widely known under the ring name ‘Kane.’  He started his career in Wrestling on the independent circuit in 1992. After that, in 1995, he joined the World Wrestling Federation ( now, WWE).

Jacobs was presented in a new way as ‘Kane’ as the younger half-brother of Undertaker.

They were famous as the Brothers of Destruction. Fans loved the storylines created by them.

Kane-Famous Wrestler Inside the Ring
Kane Famous Wrestler Inside the Ring(Sources: Wikimedia Commons)

He wore a mask, full-length gloves, and a bodysuit to the ring to follow the storyline.

His first match, Hell in a cell as Undertaker’s brother, was with Shawn Michaels.

In June 1998, Kane defeated the number one Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWF championship.

He became a three-time World Champion and Third Grand Slam Champion, which was enough to make him one of the best wrestlers ever.

9. Kurt Angle

Kurt Steven Angle is one of the best Professional Wrestler players in the WWE, an Olympic gold-medalist.

He was launched in professional wrestling in 1996 with the World Wrestling Federation (now, WWE).

Furthermore, the Wrestler was always passionate, and his skill made him one of the best wrestlers of all time. Even with the broken neck, he won the freestyle wrestling competition at the Olympic game.


Likewise, he even defeated The Rock at No Mercy. After the victory over Rock, he became one of the first wrestlers to win the Olympic medal and World Championship.

He is the tenth Triple Crown Champion and Fifth Grand Slam Champion in the WWE.

8. Randy Orton

Randal Keith Orton is one of the best professional wrestlers of all time and also an actor. He’s Commonly known as  ‘Randy Orton’ inside the ring.

Similarly, his first WWE match was against Hardcore Holly on SmackDown on April 25, 2000.

In September, he was shifted to the Raw, where he won the match against Stevie Richards.

Randy Orton Top Wrestler Inside Ring
Randy Orton Top Wrestler Inside Ring (Wikimedia Commons)

Likewise, he was awarded the youngest world champion in WWE history at the age f 24.

Randy Orton won few championships, which include the 10-Time WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, 4-Time World Heavyweight Championship, and Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship.

All this symbolizes that he is one of the best wrestlers of all time.

7. Edge

Adam Copeland is a Professional wrestler under the ring name ‘Edge’ in WWE.  He was launched with WWE in 1996 and made his first televised debut as ‘Edge’ in 1998.

Similarly, he won a total of 31 championships overall during his career in WWE, including the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, Intercontentinetal Championship, the United States Championship, and many more.

Edge Best Wrestler Inside The Ring
Edge Best Wrestler Inside The Ring(Sources: Wikimedia Commons)

Furthermore, he won the King of the Ring in 2001 and also in 2005. He won his first Money in the Bank Ladder match and Royal Rumble in 2010.

6. Daniel Bryan

Bryan Lloyd Danielson is one of the top wrestlers in WWE, known as Daniel Bryan inside the ring. He was launched with WWE in 2000 as a professional wrestler.

Similarly, he won several Championships during the period, including four times WWE Championships, World Heavyweight Championship, United States Championship, and Intercontinental Championship, one of each.

Top Wrestlers of All Time Daniel Bryan Top Wrestler Inside The Ring
Daniel Bryan Top Wrestler Inside The Ring(Sources: Quotepark.com)

However, he became popular with fans because of his wrestling technique and ability to develop his own style inside the ring.

Bryan was mainly popular for chanting ‘Yes’ on the ring where all the audience would join him.

5. John Cena

One of the greatest wrestlers in WWE who has won various prestigious awards and titles, John Cena made his debut for World Wrestling Federation on October 10, 2000.

However, he lost his first Smackdown match with Mikey Richardson. He won his first World Championship by defeating JBL at Wrestlemania.

In 2007 Cena became the first wrestler to win against Umaga, Samoan, and Bulldozer.

Top Wrestlers of All Time John Cena Top Wrestler of All time
John Cena Top Wrestler of All-time(Sources: Flickr)

Similarly, he is a 16-time World Champion and favorite of everyone, including children as well as adults.

He made an appearance in almost every WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, and WWE Live matches.

WWE wrestler also has a rap album, “you can’t see me,” which debuted on Billboard 200 chart.

The superstar of WWE is one of the big inspirations in Wrestling, Fashion, music, and even in movies. He is one of the best Wrestlers of all time.

4. Shawan Michaels

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom is widely known as the best Professional wrestler of all time.

Famously known as Shawn Michaels, he was launched on October 8, 1984.

Later,  Michaels teamed with Marty Jannetty to form a tag team, The Rockers. The Rockers launched at WWF in 1987.

Top Wrestlers of All Time Shawn Michaels Top Wrestler In Wrestler Mania
Shawn Michaels Top Wrestler In Wrestler Mania(Sources: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreover, The Rockers won the World Tag Team Championship by defeating Doug Somers and Buddy Rose.

They were popular among children, adults, and women. After that, Michael adopted the nickname”Heartbreak Kid.”

The wrestler won 3 times WWE World Heavyweight Championship, World Heavyweight Championship once, 3 times WWE Intercontinental Championship, 5 times World Tag Team Championship, and many more.

3. Undertaker

Mark William Calaway, a professional wrestler widely known as the ‘Undertaker,’ is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE. He was launched in WWE in 1990.

Similarly, In WWF, he became popular as the ‘Death Man’ and also as ‘Brothers of Destruction’ alongside Kane.

Top Wrestlers of All Time Undertaker Best Wrestler Of All time Entrance Image
Undertaker Best Wrestler Of All Time Entrance Image(Sources: Wikimedia Commons)

The Undertaker has won four-time WWF Championships, three times World Heavyweight Championship, six times World Tag Team Championship, and one-time Hardcore Championship.

The professional wrestler is also famous for one of the WWE’s most pay-per-view performances and is regarded as one of the prominent professional wrestlers of all time.

However, The Undertaker announced his retirement on November 22, 2020.

2. Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock.’

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, a professional wrestler and is known as ‘The Rock’ inside the ring.

He made his debut in WWE on Monday Night Raw as a member of Marc Mero’s entourage on November 4, 1996.

Similarly, known as one of the big stars in the WWE with the look of a Champion, his outstanding wrestling skills proved him as the greatest in the wrestling entertainment industry.

Top Wrestlers of All Time The Rock Best Wrestler In WWF Raw At Ring
The Rock Best Wrestler In WWF Raw At Ring(Sources: Wikimedia Commons)

He has won 17 different WWE titles, including WWE Championship, WCW Championship, WWF Intercontinental Championship, WWF Tag Team Championship, among others.

Likewise,  he has starred in various blockbuster movies like Fast and Furious 6, Jumanji, Game Plan, and many more.

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1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

One of the most victorious Professional Wrestlers of the Attitude Era in WWF, Stone Cold was launched in January 1996.

After he starred as ‘Stone Cold,’ he became popular and also was the’ Poster boy’ of the Era.

Top Wrestlers of All Time Stone Cold Inside The Wrestling Ring
Stone Cold Inside The Wrestling Ring (Sources: Wikimedia Commons)

He won 19 championships throughout his career, including Six times WWF Championship, Two times Intercontinental Championship, Four-time WWF Tag Team Championship, and a Million-Dollar Championship one time in WWE.

Unfortunately, he was forced to retire from the ring due to various knee and neck injuries in 2003.

Apart from wrestling, Steve has also appeared in numerous hit movies such as The Condemned, Grown Ups 2, among others.

Honorable Mentions


Paul Michael Levesque is clearly one of the best professional wrestlers of all time who is known as “Triple-H” in the ring.

One of the popular players in the’ Attitude Era’ he has won a number of the Championships during his career, including 14-times World Championship, 5-times Intercontinental Championship, 3-times World Tag Championship, and many more.

However, fans mention him as the best wrestler in the history of wrestling.

Hulk Hogan

Terry Eugene Bollea, one of the best and popular professional Wrestlers in the 1980s, is widely known as ‘Hulk Hogan.’

His popularity became worldwide after signing into the WWE in 1983. After that, he won 12 championships, including 6-times World Championship in WWE.

Hulk Hogan mentioned as one of the best-known wrestlers in the history of wrestling.

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