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Travis Barker Temporary Tattoos: Meaning And Design Explained

Travis Barker has more than 105 tattoos in the present day, and each Tattoo of his has a different story and meaning. 

Travis Barker is an American musician who is the drummer for the rock band Blink-182. He has covered his body part with tattoos. So, he aimed to become different than the average person.

For Travis, it was Music or Nothing, so he started filling his body at an early age so that he would not just settle for an average job. No one will hire a person filled with ink.

Travis Barker Temporary Tattoos

Travis Barker has a permanent tattoo all over his body, and no tattoo is just a Temporary tattoo, as per what he has shared with the public. As mentioned, he has more than 100 tattoos on his body, even on his head, so people were curious if all of them are permanent or just Temporary tattoos.

Travis Barker Talks Tattoos and Pain
Travis Barker Talks Tattoos and Pain. Source: GQ Daily

Travis is just obsessed with tattoos, and he has a different story. Also, not everyone like his TattooTattoo. 

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Travis Barker Tattoos Meaning And Design Explained

Travis has no body parts left to get tattoos, and he has covered each portion with a different tattoo, which means something to him. Travis has a tattoo of his son and daughter, ‘Alabama’ on his left wrist name of his daughter, and a ‘Landon’ Tattoo on his right wrist name of his son; Travis shares a very close relationship with his children. 

Travis has a ‘Race Flag’ Tattoo on the right side of his neck. ‘Cadillac’ Tattoo on the right side of his torso took around 12 hours of sitting. He is fond of collecting Cadillacs.

Travis’s favorite car is Cadillac, and he said that he doesn’t drive any other car other than Cadillac. So, he had another tattoo of the ‘1947 Cadillac Emblem on the right side of his torso.

‘Can I say’ TattooTattoo above his chest and ‘Boombox’ Tattoo on his stomach? Then, he revealed his Self-Made TattooTattoo on his hand in 2000.

The Tattoo on his lower back, ‘HOPE,’ is inspired by the Descendant’s song and is also a tribute to the positive things that happened to Travis. Travis has a ‘Spider Web’ tattoo on his elbow, representing the power of working magic over people and things.

Travis has a Tattoo in a very weird place, and he has a ‘One Life One Chance’ Tattoo on his head. He explained that One Life One Chance’ is the name of an organization founded in 2009 by Toby Morse, the lead singer of the band H2O.

He has many tattoos for his family, too, a ‘Family Royalty Respect Tattoo’ on his head and a ‘MOM’ Tattoo on the nape of his neck. ‘Family First’ Tattoo on his head.

‘Family Over Everything’ Tattoo just above the portraits of his family. He had portraits of his family tattooed in 2011.

Recently before marriage, he had a ‘Kourtney’ Tattoo on his left pec, which was revealed in April 2021 and showed love for his wife. 

Kourtney tattoo on left pec
Kourtney tattoo on his left pec. Source: Body Art Guru

The ‘Survivours’ tattoo on his right forearm and the ‘guilt’ tattoo on his left forearm was the last TattooTattoo he had for now, which was on May 21, 2021. Barker also had a tattoo ‘DON’T TRUST ANYONE’ across his throat on the same day.

In 2021, he also had ‘YOU’RE SO COOL’ TattooTattoo on his right thigh and a ‘Tiny Heart’ tattoo on his right thigh, which symbolized love, emotion, feeling, passion and compassion. 

Travis Braker has more tattoos on his body, which can be learned more about on the Source.

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