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Travis The Chimp Wikipedia: Why Did He Attack Charla Nash?

It’s been so many years since Travis the Chimp, who attacked Charla Nash, died, but still, people are looking on Wikipedia to know what made him so famous; after all, he is a pet animal.  

Travis was a male chimpanzee famous for his adorable antics and jolly personality.

On October 21, 1995, he was born to his parents, Suzy and Coco, in Festus, Missouri.

After only three days of being born, Travis was taken away from Suzy and Coco by a breeder.

Then, the breeder sold him to Sandra and Jerome Herold for 50 thousand U.S. dollars.

They raised him to be a friend to the humans; however, a terrible incident led to the downfall of his public image.

Travis the Chimp had attacked one of his owner’s friends, Charla Nash, which is now all he is known for, and even has it on his official Wikipedia.

Travis Chimp Wikipedia: The Heartbreaking Tale of Stamford’s Iconic Chimpanzee

Although Travis Chimp did not get to spend his childhood with his birth parents, his new owners were very loving.

They had named him after their favorite singer, Travis Tritt. Since his owners, Sandra and Jerome, were from Stamford, Connecticut, he spent most of his life there.

Travis Chimp with his owner
Travis Chimp, with his owner Jerome, looks so happy and adorable. (Source: Twitter)

He was always with Jerome, even while he used to be on his duty. Travis’s owner, Jerome Herold, had a towing company, and he would often let Travis pose for photos to promote his company.

In the photographs, Travis the Chimp would wear different accessories and clothes; some pictures are also on his official Wikipedia.

With that, everyone in the town slowly fell in love with the cute chimpanzee, and his popularity was through the roof.

Likewise, Travis the Chimp was also very fond of the police officers in the town and would greet them when he saw them.

For Travis the Chimp, humans were his family, and he had known no other life.

Travis the Chimp Wikipedia
Charla Nash’s incident with Travis Chimp is the highlight of his official Wikipedia page. (Source: Twitter)

However, a very horrific and sad incident took place in the year 2009 in Travis’s life.

He attacked his owner’s friend Charla Nash and ended up injuring him on his face and limbs.

After this very rare and extremely dangerous rage, he was shot four times by the local officer Frank Chiafari.

Later, authorities found him dead next to his cage after he somehow escaped from the place where an officer shot him.

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The Heartbreaking Tragedy of Travis Chimp’s Violent Outburst: Why Did He Attack Charla Nash?

This happened after one of his owners, 55-year-old friend Charla Nash unknowingly triggered him.

This led him to attack her, and there was no other way to stop his rage than to shoot him finally.

In the attack, Charla Nash got injuries all over her face and limbs, which would be unrecoverable for life. So why Travis the Chimp did that?

Well, what really happened was he was under various medications for his Lyme disease diagnosis, including Xanax.

Charla Nash
Charla Nash was attacked by Travis the Chimp. (Source: Twitter)

And Charla was there to help his owner, Sandra, get Travis inside the house. She was helping one of his favorite Tickle me Elmo toys, which made him very angry.

Unfortunately, that day, Charla Nash had a different hairstyle and car, and Travis could not recognize that it was his owner’s friend.

So, he attacked him outrageously. At the time, everyone thought that Charla Nash was dead. 

But Charla Nash, fortunately, lived the incident, and later, she had to go through seven hours of surgery.

Despite the attempts of four teams of surgeons to save her face, it couldn’t happen.

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