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Trick Daddy Brother Derek Hollywood Death: What Happened?

For a long time, people have remained highly interested in how the brother of Trick Daddy, Derek Hollywood Harris, died and have continued searching for information on the internet.

Trick Daddy, whose birth name is Maurice Samuel Young, is an American rapper renowned for his 2003 single Let’s Go.

The single peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100.

Likewise, he grew up alongside 10 brothers and sisters.

His childhood was spent in the Liberty Square apartment complex in Liberty City, known as Pork-N-Beans.

Additionally, when Trick was a teenager, his father, Charles Young, took him and his brother, Derek Hollywood Harris, to live with him.

Before starting a career as a rapper, Trick Daddy had been through many losses and was living a hard life. One of which was losing his brother Hollywood. 

Since then, people have been curious about what happened to the brother of well-known rapper Trick Daddy, Hollywood.

How Did The Brother Of Trick Daddy Hollywood Die?

As a teenager, Trick Daddy began to deal crack cocaine along with his brother Hollywood on the street.

However, at 15, authorities arrested Trick for drug and firearm possession.

Meanwhile, at 20, authorities convicted him and sent him to prison for murder.

He faced arrest on an attempted murder charge for shooting a man during a street fight.

Additionally, his brother’s murder made the matter worse, occurring in the same year.

Trina and Derek black and white photo
Trina used to date Trick Daddy’s half-brother, Derek “Hollywood” Harris. (Source: Twitter)

About 25 years ago, while sitting in a parked 1987 Buick, Hollywood, the brother of Trick Daddy, was shot and killed.

However, the case regarding who killed Hollywood and the motive behind his murder remains unsolved to date.

Likewise, Hollywood was 23 years old at the time of his murder. Moreover, he met his demise on the bloodiest night of the year.

The incident occurred during what was likely Dade County’s deadliest night, with six people killed in shootings between midnight and 2 a.m. 

Moreover, during that time, Hollywood was in a nearly two-and-a-half-year-long relationship with American Rapper Trina.

Trick and Trina smiling
Trick’s track Nann N***a, featuring Trina, became a national hit. (Source: Twitter)

A difference in opinion between Trina and Trick seems to have sparked a beef between them.

However, one commonality they share is their love for Hollywood.

Four years after Hollywood’s murder, Trick Daddy collaborated with Trina on the hit song Nann N***a.

Likewise, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Miami features Trick Daddy and Trina, both from Miami.

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Six Shot To Death In Two-Hour Stretch: Hollywood Death Story

In 1994, six people, five men, and one woman lost their lives in a violent two-hour span during what is likely the bloodiest night in Dade County.

Three of them were victims of a domestic dispute.

This included 41-year-old Orquidia Acosta. Her ex-boyfriend fatally shot her at a Miami Beach convenience store.

Later, after killing his girlfriend, the boyfriend then turned the gun to his head and fired.

Meanwhile, Orquidia died at the scene, while authorities took her boyfriend to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where he later died.

Trick Daddy brother sitting
Along with Hollywood, another man was shot inside a parked 1987 Buick.

Similarly, in Little Havana, Herminia Colon, 46, shot 49-year-old Francisco Colon after he forcibly demanded sex at gunpoint.

Before the incident, authorities arrested Francisco for beating his wife.

As the investigation is pending, they haven’t charged Herminia Colon.

Meanwhile, the other three victims were Walter Betterson, 22, Derek Harris, 23, and Osvaldo Irizarry, 57.

According to the record, strangers likely killed them in separate incidents.

However, as of now, police have not found any suspects or arrested anyone for these three cases.

Investigators at the Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office, where the six bodies ended up, stated that they hadn’t encountered a night with so many deaths this year. 

The authorities are investigating these tragic events, including a notable spike in violence on that particular night.

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