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Tufts University Receives Bomb Threat On Email: Case Update On Twitter

Tufts Bomb Threat Email shocked the people of the college as multiple bomb threats were received during exam hours.

Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, Wednesday afternoon, repeated bomb threats included in an email triggered evacuations, according to Boston.com.

Campus Police tweeted a few hours later that they had checked the indicated buildings and places but had not discovered any proof the threat was legitimate. 

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They advised students to “continue regular activities” and stated that the issue was still being looked into.

Did Tufts University Receive Bomb Threat On Email?

An Unknown sent the threat through email to Boston.com and the University’s diversity office. 

Tufts University Receive Bomb Threat (source: masslive)

The message falsely referred to Unpacking Whiteness as a course but stated that it was a program given by the office of diversity this autumn. 

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Following a bomb threat, many buildings on campus, including Ballou Hall, Miller Hall, and the Campus Center, were evacuated Wednesday afternoon. 

An all-clear was issued approximately an hour later, and people were let back into the premises.

The senders claimed they had detonated the devices in retaliation for the University’s “anti-white propaganda.”

The warning comes two months after a Daily Mail piece criticized the same show as being “woke” and racist toward white people.

The email from the would-be bombers stated, “Tufts University continues to foster anti-white hatred.” “This is dividing our nation, and we are fucking sick of crap shit,” one person said.

The suspected bombings took place at the campus center, the president’s office in Ballou Hall, Miller Hall, and the Rainbow Steps, a stairway painted in rainbow colors behind the residential quad that serves as a popular symbol of support for LGBTQ+ rights.

What Is The Case Update On Twitter? Did The College Resumed Activities?

After receiving a second bomb threat in as many days that forced the closure of parts of its Medford/Somerville campus and the online administration of this semester’s final examinations, Tufts University has “resumed regular operations.”

Tufts  “resumed regular operations.” (source: whdh)

Tufts said Thursday afternoon that, to minimize any interruptions to tests, it will postpone anything scheduled from midday on Thursday and that any remaining exams during this period would be completed online.

Professors will speak with students about their unique plans. All libraries, laboratories, and cafeteria services will remain open, and campus operations will resume as usual.

Authorities issued a warning just after 3:30 pm, ordering anybody in Ballou Hall, Miller Hall, or Mayer Campus Center to leave immediately. Police issued another advisory at 5 pm, ensuring the locations were safe.

The public was advised to avoid the area by Campus Police. The three evacuated buildings are spread out along Packard Avenue.

Tufts University authorities verified the threat, and the University’s official Twitter account issued a message just after 4 pm.

Tufts University tweeted that individuals can seek refuge at the Aidekman Arts Center, 40 Talbot Avenue, or the Joyce Cummings Center, 177 College Avenue.

The threat was removed at 1:13 pm, according to the University, although the issue is still being looked into. In light of an ongoing Police investigation, a University spokeswoman declined to comment on the type or manner of the threat.


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