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Was Youtuber Twomad Gay? Relationship And Dating Before Death

After the sudden demise of Canadian YouTuber Twomad, many rumors surrounding him have become prevalent in the online portal, including the gay rumor. So, what’s the reality?  

Muudea Sedik, known by his online name Twomad was an accomplished Canadian social media influencer.

Like a prominent personality, he had a strong presence on streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Twomad initially rose to fame in 2017, captivating a worldwide audience with his distinctive humor and personality.

With memorable collaborations and humorous content, he emerged as a beloved figure amassing over 2.18 million subscribers on his YouTube.

However, the promising career of the Youtuber came to an unfortunate end with his death on February 13, 2024.

Following his death, many have shown interest in his sexuality and relationships before death.

Meanwhile, with an increase in curiosity, a gay rumor about Twomad has started to circulate on different social media platforms.

Was Youtuber Twomad Gay? Gender And Sexuality Explored!

In today’s digital world, famous personalities often find themselves entangled between controversies and rumors.

Similarly, after his untimely demise, Youtuber Twomad has turned out as the major target of some gay rumors.

Twomad captured in black dress.
Twomad’s gender has remained a mystery to date. (Source: Instagram)

The sexuality of Twomad has always been a major topic of interest among the fans. As a result, the gay rumors have been around for a brief period.

These rumors initially surfaced after people noticed his use of she/her pronouns on his Instagram bio.

Meanwhile, online sources referring to Twomad with he/him pronouns have further created confusion among the people.

However, while alive, Twomad never found it important to address his fans regarding his sexual orientation.

Additionally, he always preferred keeping a distance between his personal and professional lives.

This lack of disclosure has left fans with various speculations about his sexuality.

Although he never spoke about his gender, he often portrayed diverse sexual characters including female, gay, and transgender individuals in his videos.

His works have showcased his determination to create a friendly environment for people of diverse identities.

Twomad captured inside of a van.
Twomad reportedly died of a drug overdose. (Source: Instagram)

However, the question of his gender was never answered and will continue to remain a mystery as he is no longer alive.

Meanwhile, we request everyone not to spread gay rumors about Twomad and to support his family in their tough times instead.

Nevertheless, regardless of his gender, his work will continue to remind people of him for many generations to come.

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Twomad’s Relationship And Dating Life Before Death

Before jumping to a conclusion, let’s have a look at Towmad’s relationship before his death which might help us understand more about his gender.

Despite his vibrant career, Twomad never shared anything about his romantic relationship with his fans.

However, he often joked about having a girlfriend during his live streams.

Twomad captured holding a gun.
Twomad was 23 at the time of his death. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, these jokes also led to different controversies resulting in criticism from Twomad’s fans.

So, based on his statements, many people speculate that he had a girlfriend whose identity was never revealed to the public.

But speculating about a brewing relationship only based on some jokes doesn’t seem fair.

Moreover, it is none of our business to poke our heads into his personal life as he always liked to keep it to himself.

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