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Was Twomad Rapist? Sexual Assault & Murder Allegations By Goldibell, Jameskii

The death of the YouTuber Twomad brought several things from his past to the spotlight, including several allegations of him being a rapist. But, what is the truth? Find out here!

Muudea Sedik, known popularly as Twomad, was a Canadian YouTuber and Twitch streamer who came into prominence in 2017.

He became an influential personality among internet users for his viral clips, memes, and collaborations.

Further, Twomad had garnered over 2.23 million subscribers on his channel in a short period.

The creator was famous for his humorous personality and his ability to joke about any situation.

However, his sudden death shocked his fans as speculation arose that he died from a drug overdose.

Similarly, claims about Twomad being a rapist also surfaced online following his demise. 

Was Twomad Rapist? Sexual Assault & Murder Allegations By Goldibell, Jameskii

Shortly after the death news of Twomad, several tweets claimed that the YouTuber was a rapist.

Twitter users Jameskii and Goldibell came forward with their side of the story, recalling the behavior of the creator.

Further, Jameskii stated that Twomad tried to kill him on several occasions while being high on drugs.

Twomad smiling
Twomad was under investigation by the police. (Source: Twitter)

The user was helping the authorities investigate past actions of the YouTuber which had harmful intentions.

Apparently, Twomad continued to prey on vulnerable people despite several warnings from his friends.

Additionally, a 13-year-old girl from a mental hospital was one of his victims as he pressured her into sexual activities.

The revelations also stated that Twomad was guilty of saying weird things about minors while brushing it off as a joke.

Similarly, other users added to the matter, claiming that the creator groomed someone and even stalked one of the female streamers.

On the other hand, Goldibell came forward with a series of screenshots and text chains exchanged with Twomad.

The images show how the creator harrassed the user while taking advantage of her age.

Twomad without a shirt
Twomad often talked with minor girls. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, authorities issued a restraining order against Twomad to safeguard all of his victims.

After revealing such information, both Jameskii and Goldibell have refrained from replying to negative comments.

They are determined to prove that Twomad was a rapist who hid behind the camera after committing the crimes.

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Who Was TwoMad? Early Life And Family Background

The accusations of being a rapist surrounded Twomad, piquing the interest of many in his early life.

Born in Canada, the creator moved to the States with his family at a young age.

Further, Twomad began his content-creating journey and soon amassed millions of subscribers and likes.

Twomad touching his chin
Fans admired Twomad’s memes and humorous style. (Source: Twitter)

Despite his popularity, much of his early life remains a mystery as he prefers to keep the details undercover.

Authorities found him unresponsive in his home, cutting short his successful life at the early age of 23.

Moreover, reports stated that Twomad suffered from mental illness and depression before his demise.

He was a well-known name in the realm of the internet but the recent revelations of his actions have put a shadow on his name.

Additionally, his family has yet to make a public statement regarding the unfortunate death of Twomad.

Twomad's picture from college
Twomad had built a successful career in a short span. (Source: Twitter)

On the other hand, his fans deny any actions committed by the creator claiming that there is a lack of evidence.

Amidst the chaos, many people are confused about whether to believe the stories of Twitter users or not.

Regardless, Twomad’s name will go down in the Internet Hall of Fame as one of the most influential creators.

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