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Meet Tyler Stanaland Father, John Stanaland: Wikipedia, Age, And Net Worth

In the wake of the divorce news of the real estate agent Tyler Stanaland and his wife Brittany Snow, people are starting to talk about his family, including his father.

Hailing from Laguna Beach in California, Tyler Stanaland was born on July 19, 1989.

Tyler is an American surfer, realtor, media personality, social media influencer, content producer, television personality, and entrepreneur.

Furthermore, a sixth-generation real estate agent, Tyler, has been marketing and selling homes in Orange County for years.

Moreover, he is a cast member of the reality series Selling the O.C. on Netflix, which follows 11 employees of the Orange County office of the Oppenheim Group.

As the T.V. personality garners more fame, netizens are delving into his family details.

Moreover, they are interested to know more about his father, the man behind the success of Tyler Stanaland.

Who Is Tyler Stanaland Father? Wikipedia And Age

John Stanaland, a well-known real estate broker, is the father of Tyler Stanaland.

However, the father is far from the glamour industry’s spotlight, as the media has rarely spotted him.

Also, the real estate magnate lacks a specific Wikipedia page. Because of this, not much of his personal information is available online.

Nevertheless, it is known that John Stanaland is a renowned real estate agent who operates the “John Stanaland Group,” a family-based firm that offers lavish beachfront properties in Laguna Beach.

Tyler Stanaland father John Stanaland
John Stanaland talks about his birthday. (Source: Instagram)

He was born and raised in Orange County and is a fifth-generation real estate agent. However, since there is no Wikipedia, it is impossible to determine John’s exact birth date.

As for the business, even his great-great-grandfather assisted locals in purchasing and selling real estate.

Further, he has had record-breaking sales, some of which have reached billions of dollars.

He has several awards and also a very stellar reputation.

Meanwhile, there isn’t much information on John Stanaland’s wiki or his age, which may disappoint the admirers interested in learning more about him.

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What Is John Stanaland Net Worth?

John’s excellent service and direct client representation have helped him build a reputation for excellence throughout the industry.

His success is about much more than the praise he has achieved throughout the years.

His relationships with clients have allowed him to develop a devoted clientele who value his attention to detail, knowledge, marketing skills, and negotiation.

John Stanaland smiling with a bike as the background
John talks about how good things come to those who hustle. (Source: Instagram)

It’s crucial to understand that every realtor, even those at the top of the profession like John, makes most of their income through commissions.

Therefore, John has an estimated net worth of around $35 million.

It is based on his $4.5 billion sales, of which $600 million were made in the last two years, including his assets and potential familial legacy.

Likewise, Tyler Stanaland has an estimated net worth of $4-5 million.

He makes a decent living from his real estate firm, commissions, surfing, and his impact on social media.

He and his family live a high life in their lavish home in California.

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Tyler Stanaland Father: Social Media Details

The esteemed fifth-generation real estate tycoon John is active on Instagram.

He provides the customary spectacular home photos through Instagram and some adorable family photos.

John Stanaland with his sons holding the coffe cups
John with his sons Tyler and Trevor on a venture to L.A. (Source: Instagram)

Thus, John has managed to amass a following of 20.3k on his Instagram handle.

Likewise, the T.V. fame Tyler has garnered a following of 135k on his Instagram handle.

This loving father-son team is sure to win the public’s affection. Their depth of expertise in the real estate industry is undoubtedly impressive.

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