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UFC: Who Is Damon Jackson Wife Tara Jackson? Family Kids And Net Worth

Damon Jackson, aka The Leech, who is presently competing in the Featherweight Ultimate Fighting Championship, is married to Tara Jackson.

Jackson has been a professional since 2012 and has fought for Bellator MMA and King of the Cage. He was also the former interim featherweight champion of the Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Damon Jackson Happily Married To His Wife Tara Jackson

Tara Jackson is the wife of Damon Jackson – they have been married for 13 years.

Tara and Jackson first met while attending college.

He claimed that for the first month, he hardly spoke to her. He noticed her racing to the gym since it began to rain heavily as he was driving to practice. He was aware that she played volleyball.

Damon with his wife Tara Jackson Source: Instagram

She was running when he saw her, so he told his friend to relocate to the back seat, rolled down the window, and asked if she wanted a ride to the gym.

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She boarded the vehicle, and they headed for the gym. He didn’t get her number, but he spoke with her for some time. Then they continued to walk for a while after each time he saw her. Then he proposed a date to her.

Apart from the story above, the Jacksons haven’t stated detailed information about his wife in the media. Tara even has her Instagram handle private, meaning only followers she allows have access to her updates.

Damon Jackson Family: How Many Kids Does he Have? 

Damon was born on August 8, 1988, in Durant, Oklahoma.

Jackson hasn’t stated anything in the media about his parents – he does mention that he spent more time with his brother, friends, and boy cousins.

The couple has four kids together. Jackson referred to his daughters.

Damon Jackson with his Family
Source: Instagram

He claimed he had never spent a lot of time with his girls. He stated that he didn’t pay much attention to his sisters or girl cousins as a child. 

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He even quoted that girls are funny growing up. They have endless questions, and both of his daughters are intelligent women who have lived exciting lives.

His first daughter, born when he was a sophomore in college, attended each wrestling match his wife participated in. She spent a lot of time in the wrestling room.

The fact that they were often there to support him made him realize that he is doing it for his family to improve their lives, making him more determined to succeed.

Though Damon has not shared much about his kids, he routinely posts photographs of his wife and children on social media platforms such as Instagram, reflecting his love and affection for them. His action suggests that he is more of a visual person than a verbal one.

Damon Jackson’s Net worth

Jackson is one of the wealthiest fighters, and based on publicly available information, Jackson’s net worth is roughly $1.5 Million.

Jackson makes money from a variety of sources, including social networking websites. However, athletes are his primary source of revenue.

UFC fighters are one of the most highly paid sportsperson in the globe. The average contractual UFC fighter earned about $148,000 in 2020 when combined incentives and basic pay.

Jackson and Pat Sabatini is appointed to face each other on September 17, 2022, at UFC Fight Night 210.



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