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Are Sahil Omar And Anthony Polito The Two UNLV Shooter?

Wednesday’s horrifying gunfire at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has killed three innocent people, and one has been hospitalized. Read more to find out the shooter of the UNLV campus. 

The gunman is also confirmed to be dead on the scene of the incident where people are wondering what is next.

Police have recently confirmed that the wounded victims are out of danger now. 

There is no more threat to the UNLV campus; however, for the student’s safety, the university’s department decided to close the college for a week.

The authorities have already found out the personal details of the UNLV shooters.

However, they are refusing to reveal them on the media until the next of kin is notified.

As per the provided statement, one of the UNLV shooters is a 67-year-old college professor.

UNLV Shooter Personal Details: Reason Behind The Shooting

The main authorities have not publicly released the name of the shooter.

However, through other various sources, ABC News has confirmed the 67-year-old college professor to be Anthony Polito.

UNLV shooting
The police department is still investigating for further reports. (Source: Twitter)

The reason behind his shooting or his connection with UNLV is still unknown to the public. 

As per the provided resources college professor Polito-who has been dead on the firing spot- had applied for the professor position at the UNLV campus, but did not get hired.

The investigating team has found out that Polito previously used to teach in North Carolina and Georgia.

Shooter Polito used to live in an apartment in Henderson Nevada where the investigating team also found his personal phone. 

Moreover, they are still searching for more clues to reveal the exact motive for the attack.

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What Is The Connection Between Shooters And Killed Victims?

Some sources claim that the victims killed in the UNLV campus shooting were not the students but the faculty or staff members of the university.

It is still not clear if the shooter targeted the victims intentionally but it also can not be random as the shooter did not harm any students.

Anthony Polito Obituary
Anthony Polito is the name UNLV shooter  (Source: Twitter)

Authorities have assigned more forces to find out more clues as soon as possible. 

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What Does The President Joe Biden Have To Say About The Incident?

On the other hand, Joe Biden has called on Republicans in Congress Tuesday to pass a ban on assault weapons. 

It is the 80th school shooting that happened in America in 2023 as per the CNN reports.

The UNLV campus shooting is just a few miles away from the site of the 2017 mass shooting which took place at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

58 innocent people died and more than 100 people were wounded at the Route 91 Harvest mass shooting.

Sheriff Kevin, who is a Police officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, says 

“Our hearts go out to the entire UNLV community,”

He added 

“No student should have to fear pursuing their dreams on a college campus. What happened today is a heinous, unforgivable crime.”

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