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Is Usher Zionist? Ethnicity Talk After Marriage With Jennifer Goicoechea

Following the performance at the Super Bowl, Usher has become the hot topic of conversation for many people and some netizens also discuss his past posts on Israel, with mentions of him being a Zionist. So, is he a Zionist?

Usher Raymond IV, widely known as Usher, is an American songwriter, dancer, actor, and singer.

He is widely known as a major influence in the R&B and pop music scene today known for his impactful contributions.

He first released his self-titled debut album at 16 and rose to fame in the late 90s with My Way.

Some of Usher’s popular songs include Boyfriend, Caught Up, Ruin, Risk it All, Standing Next To You, and more.

Further, Usher became a top-selling artist with accolades like Grammy Awards, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Billboard Awards under his name.

However, as Usher gains more fame, fans investigate his old posts on Israel, which leads to questions about whether Usher is Zionist.

Is Usher Zionist? Ethnicity And Religion

The Israel-Palestine conflict has spurred diverse beliefs, including the emergence of ideologies like Zionism within the Jewish and Palestinian communities.

Similarly, at the moment, the American singer Usher has turned out as a major target of Zionist rumors.

Rumors of Usher being a Zionist emerged after his Super Bowl performance, leading fans to investigate his past posts supporting Israel.

Ushers instagram post about israel
He is currently 45 years old. (Source: Twitter)

However, Usher has not confirmed nor denied any accusations about her being Zionist.

He has faced accusations of Zionism since a post supporting Israel, made in 2014, surfaced.

However, he deleted that post, which came to light again. Later, in October, he posted an Israeli flag drawn on a fist in his story which led to further assumptions.

Furthermore, with increased attention after the performance, online critics voiced their opinions on X (formerly Twitter),

sorry to ruin the mood or whatever but Usher has shown on multiple occasions that hes a zionist btw. he used his enormous platform to advocate for the “country” that is currently carpet b0mbing the entire city of rafah

usher in a bike
A single mother raised him and his half-brother. (Source: Instagram)

Across X (formerly Twitter), numerous tweets like this make the rumor the talk of the internet.

This topic also raised inquiries about Usher’s religion and ethnicity, details he has not disclosed to the public as of now.

However, some sources claim that he identifies with both his mother’s African-American heritage and his father’s Haitian Creole heritage.

Without proper proof and an official statement from her, speculating about her religious beliefs would be purely unethical.

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Details About His Marriage With Jennifer Goicoechea

Usher is romantically involved with Jennifer Goicoechea, and they officially appeared together in public for the first time in 2019.

However, recently after Usher’s performance at the Super Bowl, the couple exchanged their vows in Las Vegas on February 11.

Jennifer and Usher
The couple has two children together. (Source: Twitter)

They got married in a quick ceremony at Vegas Weddings’ Fast Lane drive-thru tunnel, with Usher’s mother as the witness.

A representative for the singer states,

We can confirm that Usher and Jennifer Goicoechea took the next step in their relationship and did get married on Sunday night in Las Vegas surrounded by close friends and family.

After the game, Usher and Jennifer were spotted in Las Vegas, and Usher wore a gold band on his left ring finger.

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