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Varthur Santhosh Arrest And Charge: What Did He Do And Where is he Now?

Varthur Santhosh arrest has taken a surprising turn as the Bigg Boss contestant faces legal consequences. Find out in detail via this article. 

Varthur Santhosh is an Indian farmer known for his unwavering commitment to safeguarding Hallikar cows in Karnataka, India.

As the Chairman of the All India Hallikar Breed Conservation Committee, he plays a pivotal role in these efforts.

His dedication to this cause has earned him accolades, and in 2023, he appeared as a contestant on the reality show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada 10.’

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Varthur Santhosh Arrest And Charge

Varthur Santhosh, widely known for his efforts in conserving Hallikar cows, found himself amid controversy and legal trouble with his arrest and subsequent charges.

The arrest of this Indian farmer and former “Bigg Boss Kannada 10” contestant after an incident raised concerns about wildlife protection.

The core issue leading to Varthur Santhosh’s arrest was his choice of accessories.

While appearing on the reality show “Bigg Boss Kannada 10,” he was seen wearing a pendant made from tiger claws.

This action immediately raised alarms as it directly violated the Wildlife Protection Act, a law aimed at safeguarding endangered species and preventing the illegal trade of their body parts.

Varthur Santhosh Arrest
Varthur Santhosh was arrested for wearing a tiger claw locket, violating the Wildlife Protection Act. (Image Source: StarsUnfolded

The arrest occurred at the “Bigg Boss” set, with forest department officials swiftly taking action after the video footage of him wearing the tiger claw pendant surfaced.

This arrest marked a unique occurrence within the history of the popular reality show, drawing significant media attention and public interest.

Varthur Santhosh now faces legal charges for his actions. The authorities are investigating the authenticity of the tiger claw pendant, with forensic analysis being a crucial step in the process.

Charges have been filed against him under non-bailable sections of the Wildlife Protection Act, emphasizing the seriousness of the offense.

Bengaluru Forest Protection Officer Ravindra confirmed the arrest and revealed that Varthur was scheduled to be presented before a Magistrate to address the charges brought against him.

Where Is Varthur Santhosh Now?

As of the latest information available, Varthur Santhosh’s whereabouts and current status remain uncertain, as his arrest and subsequent legal proceedings have brought significant attention and controversy.

Following his arrest for wearing a tiger claw locket in violation of the Wildlife Protection Act during his stint on “Bigg Boss Kannada,” there has been limited public information about his activities and location post-arrest.

Given the sensitivity of wildlife-related legal issues in India, Santhosh’s case has likely attracted significant public and media attention.

Varthur Santhosh Arrest
Varthur Santhosh’s current whereabouts and status remain uncertain. (Image Source: StarsUnfolded)

Therefore, it’s plausible that he may be focused on addressing the legal charges and cooperating with the authorities during the investigation.

In conclusion, given the dearth of publicly available information, it can be reasonably assumed that Varthur has adopted a degree of privacy in response to his legal predicament, a typical practice in such situations.

His case’s evolving nature necessitates vigilance for official announcements or media coverage to ascertain the most current information regarding his whereabouts and status.

For the most current and accurate information pertaining to Santhosh’s present location, status, and any developments surrounding his case, it is highly advisable to consult recent news reports or any official statements issued by the pertinent authorities.

News outlets and sources affiliated with the “Bigg Boss Kannada” program will likely provide pertinent updates as the situation unfolds, ensuring that the public remains informed of the latest developments.

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