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Verbalase Hazbin Hotel Video: $50k Commission, Bankruptcy news

Youtuber Verbalase has been making headlines for allegedly spending $50k on a Hazbin hotel video with the character Charlie, which has reportedly made him go bankrupt.

Adym Evans, commonly known as Verbalase, is a famous YouTuber and musician from America.

His new YouTube channel @Verbal Ase mainly contains videos of him beatboxing, and it has almost 5k subscribers to date.

Verbalase’s previous channel had more than 5.45 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, he is equally active on his Instagram and TikTok accounts, with over 1.7 million subscribers on his Instagram handle @verbalase.

Verbalase is currently trending for allegedly going bankrupt after paying $50k Commission for a video of him engaging in sexual activity with Hazbin Hotel character Charlie.

Verbalase Takes A Hilarious Trip To Hell In Viral Video With Hazbin Hotel Character Charlie

The video involves Verbalase teleporting to hell, where he meets the character Charlie from Hazbin Hotel.

Hazbin Hotel is a TV show yet to come out from the famous Amazon studios.

It features various animated characters like Charlie, the demon princess, or the princess of hell.

Verbalase beatbox
Verbalase’s beatbox is unique; fans love listening to him on his YouTube. (Source: Twitter)

In the show, her mission is to make it possible for demons to go to heaven and rehabilitate them.

To do that, Charlie opens a hotel where she aims to rehabilitate the demons and give them a second chance.

The hotel is none other than the now-famous ‘Haszbin Hotel.’

Returning to the infamous Hazbin Hotel video of Verbalase, it starts with Charlie chasing him through various scenes.

She then takes him to the bed and ties him with no clothes on.

Charlie proceeds to take her clothes, too and just leaves her black lingerie on.

Verbalase Hazbin Hotel Video
Verbalase and Charlie look very good together, and their video makes many of his fans giggle. (Source: Twitter)

Before the video leads to anything explicit, it ends with a passionate kiss between the Hazbin Hotel character Charlie and Verbalase.

The video is hilarious to watch and went viral, but the new information has made it a trending topic.

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Verbalase Faces Bankruptcy Rumors After Alleged $50k Payment For Hazbin Hotel Video

Various reports suggest that Verbalase paid a shocking $50k to make the video.

The transaction has allegedly made him go bankrupt, and he has financial problems.

While some say there is truth to this news, others argue that this may be a meme.

Nevertheless, there is no verification of whether Verbalase did pay the $50k for the Hazbin Hotel video.

Let’s hope the rumors are false and fans spread it for memes. (Source: Twitter)

Verbalase himself has also not made any statements regarding the whole rumor.

His fans assume that he may be really bad with money if it is true.

Meanwhile, the whole drama gave him a huge spotlight, making it a smart move for his career.

His silence on the whole matter adds fuel to the fire and makes people believe he may have paid the $50k.

Verbalase has a very strong career going on, so maybe the bankruptcy, if real, will not affect him.

Let’s wait and see what he says about his video with Hazbin Hotel’s Princess of Hell, Charlie.

Nonetheless, the situation has created numerous memes on Twitter and Reddit.

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