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Vicente Fernández Jr Wife Mariana González: Wedding Plans In 2024

As the oldest son of a Mexican music legend, Vicente Fernández Jr has made his name in the industry. Along with his career, people have been interested to learn about the blooming love life of Vicente Fernández Jr and his wife.

Born on November 11, 1964, Vicente Fernández Jr is a Mexican singer known for his jammy music.

He was delivered as a premature baby and spent some time in the incubator before discharge.

Despite his condition, Fernández excelled at life while following his father’s footsteps in the industry.

Further, some of his notable albums include El Mayor de Los Potrillos and Hijo Con Mariachi.

Along with that, Fernández and his father released a collaborative album titled Los 2 Vicentes, which became a major hit.

While he continues to carve his name in the music industry, he doesn’t falter to share his love life.

Moreover, the wife of Vicente Fernández Jr is one of interest to fans as the singer has some exciting plans.

Vicente Fernández Jr Wife Mariana González: Wedding Plans In 2024

Over the years, Vicente Fernández Jr has shared several photos and memorable moments with his wife.

Currently, the musician is in a public relationship with Mariana González Padilla, a Mexican model and influencer.

Further, people often refer to Padilla as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, noting her physical features and fashion sense.

Vicente Fernández Jr wedding dance
Fernández shared an intimate dance with his wife at the wedding. (Source: Instagram)

She had an interest in fashion since a young age and debuted her modeling career through an Instagram post.

Moreover, Padilla is a fitness enthusiast and frequently flaunts her well-defined body.

The model started dating Fernández, with whom she shares a 10-year-age gap, around 2019.

Following the announcement of the relationship, people criticized Padilla for swooning over the singer for money.

Additionally, people were quick to pass negative comments about her appearance, hampering her reputation.

Meanwhile, Padilla didn’t seem affected by the comments as she continued to stay by the singer’s side.

Vicente Fernandez hugging his wife
Padilla is popular for her collaboration with Mexican brands. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Fernández proposed to his girlfriend in Paris after a romantic dinner, and their wedding followed shortly after.

The event took place in a religious setting where the couple walked down the aisle with their parents.

As of 2024, Padilla has already become the wife of Vicente Fernández Jr and lives a happy life.

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A Lavish Life With Children And A Successful Career

Soon after the wedding, people started following Padilla which skyrocketed her followers to 1 million on Instagram.

Moreover, major entertainment broadcasting in the Mexican region covered the lavish wedding.

However, this isn’t the first wedding for the singer as he was married to news anchor Patricia Castañeda for several years.

Mariana González playing with her kids
Padilla’s children share a healthy bond with Fernández. (Source: Instagram)

Regardless, fans were excited to see the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of Fernández and Padilla.

Additionally, the singer adopted two sons of Padilla who are from a previous relationship.

Her younger son, Santiago, is 12 years old while details about her oldest child remain undercover.

Similarly, Padilla has received continuous support from her husband to pursue new opportunities.

Currently, she is a contestant in a reality show, La Casa De Los Famosos, which includes notable Mexican celebrities.

As the wife of Vicente Fernández Jr, Padilla has worked hard to connect with his fans and followers.

Mariana wearing a matching cloths with her husband
Padilla walked down the aisle with her father. (Source: Instagram)

She often shares pictures with her husband and children taken during vacations all over the world.

Likewise, Padilla doesn’t fail to mention how grateful she is for the life provided by the musician.

In the future, the model plans to have children with Fernández to expand her blended family.

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