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Who Is Vincent Imperati Girlfriend, Autumn Carli? Dating And Relationship

Being the producer of Wildride Podcast with unique cinematography skills fans are curious if the producer Vincent Imperati has any girlfriend now.

Vinny Imperati, also known as Skinny Vinny, was born in Middle Town, CT, on October 17, 1987.

Around the age of 12, he was introduced to skateboarding, which ultimately became the reason for first picking up a video camera.

From that moment on, he realized the video camera was going to be a staple of his life.

In the year 2000, when Jackass first aired on T.V., he immediately knew what he wanted to do with his life in future.

After graduating high school, Vinny started experimenting with drugs and alcohol, quickly becoming addicted to it and the lifestyle that came with it.

It wasn’t long before his addiction brought him to I.V. use of heroin and homelessness.

However, SkinnyVinny has faced many struggles, and fans are dying to know about Vincent Imperati girlfriend at the moment.

Who Is Vincent Imperati Girlfriend, Autumn Carli? Dating And Relationship

Vincent Imperati, having successfully overcome his addiction and the actions that once kept him trapped in his darkest days.

He is now actively pursuing a new chapter in life as VinnySkinny.

Vinnyskinny is now in collaboration with his friend, producing and hosting his most-known work from YouTube Worldwide Podcast.

However, he is enjoying his life to the fullest, and his love relationship has some amazing stories to portray his love.

Vinnyskinny proposed his girlfriend Autumn
Vincent Imperati proposes to his girlfriend Autumn Carli in France, Paris. (Source: Instagram)

Vincent Imperati girlfriend, Autumn Carli, is a model and an influencer on different social media handles.

Autumn Carli and Vinny have maintained a long-term relationship without any formal announcement being made about it.

Vinny Skinny girlfriend, Autumn, is the love of his life, and he proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

He has also posted a proposal video of his girlfriend on YouTube, and he seems to be happy and found his love of life.

How Vincent Imperati Got Into Addiction To Sober?

In October 2017, Vinny found his way to Los Angeles, CA, in an attempt to get sober.

But just found himself living on the streets of downtown Los Angeles with no hope of ever finding sobriety.

Going in and out of treatment centres with no luck, he found himself giving up.

Vincent Imperati as Skinnyvinny
Vincent Imperati is promoting his T-shirt franchise. (Source: Instagram)

Further, in February 2018, he ended up in a sober Living in Culver City, Los Angeles called Design for Recovery.

There is where he found a glimmer of hope and first met his now best friend/co-star, Zach Holmes.

Zach invited Vinny to help film a video for his social media platforms. This is when Zach realized that Vinny had experience behind the camera.

Vinny and Zach have been sober for almost five years and have become close friends and work together.

VinnySkinny has worked with Bam Margera, Steve-O, and many others and has also appeared on various projects in front of the camera.

Vincent Imperati in Hollywood
Vincent Imperati is celebrating his five years of sobriety with this photo on his social media handle. (Source: Instagram)

Imperati and Zach are the stars of the YouTube sensation “Send it City” and the podcast “What the Fudge,” and they also have a show called “Your Pranks Our Show.

Vinny has also made cameos in music videos for Musician Chad Tepper.

He is now one of the producers of Steve O’s Wildride Podcast and helps Steve film and produce his YouTube content.

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