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Is Wakey Wines Arrested? Where Is The Owner Now?

A U.K. store called Wakey Wines might be in legal trouble after being found to be selling Prime energy drinks for over £24 per bottle.

Prime Hydration, launched by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, has flown off the shelves since its launch. The viral drink has become hard to get hold of, with some sellers taking advantage of the situation.

Although the popular drink is widely available in the United States, it is exclusive to ASDA stores in the U.K., which has since placed price and quantity restrictions on the beverage.

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Is Wakey Wines Arrested? Where Is The Owner Now?

There has been no official news regarding the arrest of the Wakey Wines store owner. We will need to wait and see if they will face any consequences for their action.

Wakey Wines, a newsagents store in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, has been dubbed as ‘the U.K.’s most expensive newsagents’ after it shared a Tiktok video charging a young girl £145 for six bottles of Prime energy drink.

The TikTok showed Millie Hazelgrave, a girl from Castleford, who had traveled to the store just to buy the beverage.

Millie Hazelgrave happily bought six bottles of PRIME for £145. (Source: The Sun)

The staff at Wakey Wines is seen charging her £145 for six bottles (over £24 per bottle), which she happily pays in cash. It normally costs £2 per bottle, which means the lady paid 12 times the normal price.

The famous energy drink, created by KSI and Logan Paul, has created a frenzy with young fans, especially teenagers.

One eBay seller put a pack of a dozen blue raspberry Prime Hydration on the site for £50,000.

KSI Reaction To The Viral Video

KSI has called out Wakey Wines for the overpricing incident about his Prime drinks. He took to his TikTok to react to the store’s video.

KSI, famous YouTuber, rapper, a former boxer, and the co-founder of PRIME with Logan Paul reacted to the video, calling it ‘outrageous.’ “Wakey Wines, my man is charging people 20 quid per Prime,” he exclaimed.

Wakefield Wines
Wakefield Wines corner shop has gone viral. (Source: The Sun)

He added that people should wait to buy it from ASDA rather than paying these overly charged prices.

KSI also showed surprise over the girl’s actions. “Why is she doing this?” he asked, “Get it in Asda nice and early and pay £2.”

He was not the only one stunned. TikTok users were equally shocked and expressed it over the comments, calling it a “Rip off” and “daylight robbery.”

KSI And Logan Paul Launched PRIME In 2022

Prime Hydration is an energy drink brand created by YouTubers and pals KSI and Logan Paul.

Prime energy drink
KIS and Logan Paul promoting PRIME. (Source: Tubefilter)

It was launched in early 2022 and came in 500 ml bottles and seven different flavors, including Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Ice Pop, and Blue Raspberry.

There have been reports of lengthy queues outside ASDA stores, with people heading to their local branch hoping to get a bottle (or bottles) before they disappear from the shelves.

Owing to the situation, ASDA has placed a limit of three bottles per person. With the drink selling out in most ASDA, some enthusiasts are paying more than £10,000 for a single bottle, the Daily Star reports.

The popularity might be attributed to the creators, with KSI and Logan having around 24 million YouTube subscribers each.

The formerly competitive boxers are now working together as business partners. They added in a joint statement that they “really believe the sky is the limit” now that they are both competing for the same team.

Likewise, the official PRIME Instagram account boasts over one million followers, hinting at the keen interest in the drink.

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