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Was Bandokay Arrested, Is He In Jail? Case Details

Was Bandokay arrested? Recent reports suggest that the rapper is facing legal troubles.

The world of British rap has witnessed its share of controversies and legal entanglements. One such artist who found himself in the midst of legal troubles is Kemani Kane Duggan.

He is professionally known as Bandokay. Born on May 9, 2001, in Tottenham, London, Bandokay rose to prominence as a member of the UK drill group OFB. 

He made headlines not just for his musical endeavors but also for his connections and personal life. This article delves into the recent arrest of Bandokay on firearm charges.

It explores the details of the case, the potential consequences he faces, and the impact on his career and personal life.

Was Bandokay Arrested For Firearm Charges

The arrest of Bandokay on firearm charges has sent shockwaves through the music industry and his fan base.

Was Bandokay Arrested
The mention of a video suggests the availability of footage related to the court proceedings. (Source: Reddit)

It has marked a significant juncture in the rapper’s life and career. Born Kemani Kane Duggan, Bandokay had already faced legal scrutiny in 2022.

He, along with fellow OFB rapper Double Lz, was charged with violent disorder following a disturbing incident at a Selfridges store in 2021. The charges stemmed from a brawl.

It unfolded in the renowned Oxford Street store. It resulted in two individuals being stabbed. 

Now, with the additional firearm charges in 2024, the legal woes for Bandokay have escalated. It has been raising questions about the nature of the allegations and potential consequences.

The details surrounding Bandokay’s firearm charges are yet to be fully disclosed.

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The music community and fans alike remain on edge, awaiting updates on the unfolding legal proceedings. 

Is Bandokay In Jail? His Sentence

As of now, it remains unclear whether Bandokay is in jail.

Was Bandokay Arrested
Bandokay, might be subjected to a new trial on charges of violent disorder, as indicated by recent reports. (Source: dailymail)

The details regarding his current incarceration status are yet to be disclosed. It leaves fans and observers in suspense regarding the rapper’s immediate future. 

The legal complexities surrounding firearm charges are coupled with the prior charges of violent disorder. It is related to the Selfridges incident.

It has created an intricate legal landscape for Bandokay. The seriousness of these charges implies the possibility of imprisonment. 

However, specific details about his sentence are yet to be disclosed. The lack of clarity on whether Bandokay is presently behind bars adds an element of intrigue to the ongoing legal saga.

It leaves the rapper’s supporters anxiously awaiting updates on his situation and the trajectory of his legal battles.

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The length of any potential sentence will depend on the specific nature of the charges and prior criminal history.

Bandokay Case Details: What Did He Do?

The legal entanglements surrounding Bandokay have unfolded as a complex narrative involving multiple incidents.

The rapper has been finding himself at the center of controversies. In 2022, he faced charges of violent disorder alongside Double Lz in connection to a brawl.

The incident resulted in two individuals being stabbed. It sparked a courtroom drama that saw Bandokay’s brother, Marlon Duggan.

He was cleared of violent disorder while the jury was unable to deliver a verdict on Bandokay’s charge. The courtroom proceedings revealed chaotic scenes captured on CCTV.

It displayed a violent confrontation within the renowned Oxford Street store. It left the rapper entangled in legal complexities.

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On January 15th, 2024, he faced a fresh set of challenges as he was arrested on firearm charges. 


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