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Was Emma Pattison Shot? Gunshots Heard At School- Family Found Dead At Epsom College

Was Emma Pattison Shot? This question is on everyone’s mind after the Epsom College headteacher was found dead with her husband and seven-year-old daughter.

Emma Pattison was the headteacher of Epsom College based in Surrey, England, who died inside school property along with her husband and kid.

The news came as a shocker to many because Emma was described as a warm and compassionate person.

Though authorities have ruled out any third-party involvement, the nature of the deaths implies that the three might have been killed.

Just across Ms. Pattison’s house was the Epsom College shooting range.

Moments before Emma and her family’s death, school staff heard gunshots.

This has led to people suspecting that the Epsom College headmaster and her family may have been shot dead.

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Was Emma Pattison Shot? Gunshots Heard At School

In the recent Emma Pattison case, reports suggest that gunshots were heard before emergency services were alerted.

Recent developments on the news suggest that the three deaths may be due to murder-suicide.

BBC reported that police believe George killed his wife, Emma, and daughter, Lettie, before taking his own life.


The Pattisons’ home is surrounded by other campus houses occupied by staff and teachers.

The school also had an indoor rifle range next to Pattison’s house.

However, Officials said they do not believe any third-party involvement in the headmaster’s family’s death.

According to Telegraph, a staff member living close to Pattison’s home called emergency services on Sunday morning, 5 February, after they heard gunshots.

Authorities found the headmaster of Epsom College dead with her husband and seven-year-old daughter inside the college property.

A person close to the school said that the indoor rifle range, dating back to Victorian times, does not have any live ammunition.

A chapel service was held in the school the next day with additional counselors for the children who feared returning to school following the incident.

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More About Emma Pattison And Her Husband

Emma Pattison was a British scholar who grew up in Lincolnshire. 

She completed her high school at Kesteven and Sleaford High School and graduated with a degree in French and English literature from the University of Leeds.

In 2002, Pattison graduated with a PGCE in Secondary Education and Teaching from the University of Warwick.

She was a French and Spanish teacher at Caterham School for three years and head of Modern Foreign Language at Guildford High School for four years.

Following that, Emma served as the deputy head at St. John’s School Letterhead and the head at Croydon High School.

Was Emma Pattison Shot
Emma Pattison, her husband George, and their daughter Lettie died inside Epsom College property. (Source: The Guardian)

Emma Pattison was married to George Pattison in 2011, and the couple had a seven-year-old daughter, Lettie.

According to a neighbor, George was a Chartered Accountant who loved cars and owned a Range Rover and a BMW 8 Series.

Tributes For Emma Pattison And Family

Following their death, there have been several tributes for the Epsom College headmaster Emma Pattison and her family.

Many schools in the United Kingdom released statements on the passing of Epsom College’s first female headmaster.

She was widely respected by her fellow teachers and known for her leadership and warm, energetic, and compassionate nature.

Before Epsom, Ms. Pattison was the head of Croydon High School in London.

Croydon released a statement stating they were immensely shocked and saddened by the Pattison family’s death.

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