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Was Youtuber Etika Gay? Dating And Relationship Before Death

Etika has left a huge impact on the Youtube world, his death was a big shock for the community, and some rumors about him still circulate on the internet to this day including the gay rumors.

Desmond Daniel Amofah famously known as Etika was a very famous YouTuber born in the year 1990 on May 12.

He was popular for making videos reacting to the Super Smash Bros.

He started his career in the year 2007 with his YouTube channel EWNetwork.

Sadly his life took a very dark turn, his mental health started to get worse and worse from the year 2018.

Etika went missing on June 20 2019 and after some days his body was found in the East River near the Manhattan bridge.

However, even after four years, some rumors about Etika do not seem to fade, including the rumor of him being gay.

Was Youtuber Etika Gay?: Sexuality Joke Takes A Serious Turn, Leading To Twitch Ban

The rumor began as a joke from his fans, they would often ask him about his sexuality.

The funny responses from Etika led the joke to become even more popular in the fandom.

Etika holding Ps4
Youtuber Etika may not be alive right now, but his big YouTube legacy is. (Source: Twitter)

However, some people who were unaware of this joke started thinking the fans were serious when they were calling Etika gay.

Suddenly what started as a lighthearted banter between Etika and his fans became a topic of curiosity among people outside of his fandom.

Furthermore, his unserious take on the rumors did not help it to slow down. 

On one of his Twitch streams, he was reading a conversation with another streamer who was asking him about his sexuality.

One of his statements read, “I am a f*****, and I s*** d*** all day.”

Most of his fans believed that he was joking as his usual self.

Some even believe that he was very angry by the other streamer asking him the question.

However other people think he was extremely serious about his statement.

This statement of Etika went on to create even more confusion about his sexuality among his followers.

Was Etika Gay
The family and friends of Etika are still dealing with the loss as nothing can replace his place in their lives. (Source: Twitter)

Not only that, it also led him to get banned from the streaming app.

This was a huge deal back then because of how big Etika was on the platform.

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Remembering Etika: Speculations, Controversies, And Relationship Details Before His Death

Although Etika himself has never made any clarifications about the gay rumors and speculations he is believed to have only dated females during his lifetime.

Sadly they will never get to know the real truth about his sexuality.

His actions before the last moments of his life were indeed very controversial.

But, there are still many people who remember him in good light to this day.

Etika selfie
The details about the death of Youtuber Etika are still a mystery among his fans maybe we will never really get to know about it. (Source: Twitter)

He had a very cheerful personality and made everyone laugh with his incredible humor.

It is understandable that some fans want to know the truth about the sexuality of Etika.

However, it may be a little disrespectful to assume things about him without any strong proof.

Gay or straight he was an icon during his short lifetime.

Etika still continues to inspire many young people through his content that is available online.

He has left a huge impact during his short time as a YouTuber and a Twitch Streamer.

Let’s hope his family and close ones are in peace and recovering from their big loss.

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