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Was George Santos Fired Or Did He Resign After Coming To His Truth?

George Santos Fired has instantly become one of the most talked about topics worldwide as people are trying to learn more about why he was fired. 

After the news came out, everyone tried to google ” George Santos Fired” to find out more about the reason behind the decision. 

American politician George Anthony Devolder Santos hails from the city of New York.

Santos, a Republican, ran unsuccessfully for the position two years prior but was chosen in 2022 to represent New York’s 3rd congressional district, which includes portions of northeast Queens and northern Long Island.

When Santos ran for office, he promoted a biography detailing his education, employment history, involvement in a charitable organization, and real estate ownership. 

However, six weeks after his election, The NY Times and other media outlets revealed that many of these assertions appeared to be false. 

Santos also made unsupported assertions about his ancestry, such as that his mother’s parents were Ukrainian Jews who fled the Holocaust and settled in Brazil.

Santos acknowledged fabricating his biography but insisted that “my crimes here are inflating my résumé” and that he had no intention of resigning from the House of Representatives. 

Santos responded to his comments concerning religion: “I never claimed to be Jewish. I’m a Catholic. I declared myself “Jew-ish” after learning that my mother’s family was Jewish.

The first guy of Brazilian descent to be elected to Congress was Santos.

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Was George Santos Fired, Or Did He Resign?

After the news of his discontinuation came out to the public, people asked the same question. Was George Santos Fired, Or Did He Resign?

Years after going down the wrong path, George has finally come clean about his wrongdoings, and people wonder whether he resigned or was George Santos Fired.

George Santos
George Santos’s lies were called out. (Source: CBS News)

After Rep.-elect George Santos admitted to lying about his career and educational history, Democrats pushed him to resign from his newly won Long Island House seat.

In an interview with the New York Post published on Monday, Santos acknowledged that he had forged information on his resume, including claims that he had worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs and that he had a degree from Baruch College in New York.

Santos said this week that he “never worked directly” for either Company and that neither he nor “any institution of higher learning” was a graduate. 

In a different interview, he asserted that he is “not a criminal” and has “done so much good work throughout his career.”

George Santos Origin And Background

The great-grandfather of Santos’s mother was born in Belgium and emigrated to Brazil in 1884. Santos has asserted that he holds dual citizenship; his parents were both born in Brazil.

However, genealogical records and other evidence reveal that Santos’s ancestors have lived in Brazil for at least three generations and that there is nothing to suggest they have any connection to Ukraine, have any Jewish heritage, or are Holocaust survivors.

George Santos
George Santos is openly gay, and he is engaged to his partner. (Source: Daily Mail)

Santos claimed his maternal grandparents were Ukrainian Jews who fled to Belgium and Brazil during World War II. 

Archives of his Campaign website from earlier in 2022 state that his Belgian-born grandparents escaped Europe during the war. Santos has also asserted that his Father was of Angolan descent.

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