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Was Sam Fenech Related To Jeff Fenech? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Was Sam Fenech Related To Jeff Fenech? Audiences are anxious about Sam’s relation to the former pro boxer after his heartwrenching death in a horrific car crash. 

Jeff Fenech is a renowned former professional boxer from Australia who actively competed between 1984 and 2008 and has acclaimed numerous championships supported by accolades in his name.

The Australian boxer is famed for his trilogy with Ghanaian boxer Azumah Nelson and was trained by Sydney-based trainer Johnny Lewis.

 Jeff was inducted into the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame Moderns category and the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Was Sam Fenech Related To Jeff Fenech?

In this case, despite sharing the same surname, Sam Fenech and Jeff Fenech are not related. Fenech’s surname is a descendant of the Siculo-Arabic dialect, or Another variation is Anglo-Saxon.

As soon as the hoffic accident of Sam surfaced on the internet, his relationship with Jeff Fench became the topic of discussion. Celebrities with a common surname are often categorized in blood relation, and most of the time, they do.

Was Sam Fenech Related To Jeff Fenech?
A still from live-streamed footage of the fatal crash(Source:Geniusceleb)

Sam captivated the attention of millions of drag racer fans after a horrifying video of the collision’s aftermath reveals his car scuffing against the barrier wall before flying off, soaring through the air, and crashing into the ground in parts went viral.

The pro racer lost his life despite being a skilled drag racer when his vehicle overturned and slammed into a camera tower at 320 km/h.

Sam Fenech And Jeff Fenech Family Tree 

As per sources, Sam, a drag racer who had come from New South Wales for the event, is survived by his wife Natalie and three kids.

However, further information about Sam’s family is unavailable in the media.

Jeff was born in St Peters, Sydney, on May 28, 1964, to his Maltese descendant parents, Paul Fenech and Mary Fenech.

The former boxer has three children, Kayla Fenech, Beau Fenech and Jessica Fenechand has a brother named Paul Godfrey Anthony Fenech.

Was Sam Fenech Related To Jeff Fenech?
Jeff Fenech at his younger daughter Jessica walked down the luxury wedding aisle at St. Mary’s Cathedral in front of about 300 guests. (Source: Daily telegraph)

Per Kayla’s Instagram bio, she is a singer and songwriter and their second daughter, Jessica walked down the luxury wedding aisle at St. Mary’s Cathedral in front of about 300 guests.

Jeff’s brother Paul made a buzz on the internet after he was charged with multiple child abuse and molestation. 

The former boxer has been married to Suzee Feenech since 1996.

Jeff recently wished his spouse a happy 26th wedding anniversary in an Instagram post with the comment, “Happy 26th anniversary to the world’s most beautiful mother and friend.”

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Explore Sam Fenech And Jeff Fenech’s Net Worth Difference

Sam Fenech’s Net worth as of 2024 can be estimated at around AUD 1 million.

According to Salaryexprt, the median earning of the average automobile racer salary in Australia is $69819 or an equivalent hourly rate of $34.

Sources claim the international boxer Jeff Fenech’s networth can be estimated at around $ 8 million.

 In June 2008, Jeff triumphed at the Crown Casino’s Shane Warne 888 Poker World Series of Poker Celebrity Bounty Event. Now, Fenech can be seen at poker tournaments worldwide, such as the Aussie Millions and the World Series of Poker.

The Hall of Famer pled guilty to his part in the 2005 theft of three gold watches worth $327 from a boutique store in Gold Coast, Queensland, after making several denials in the media and on his website.

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