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All About Wendigoon Wife Kayla Garrett: Were They Cancelled?

Wendigoon and his wife Kayla Garrett are extremely famous in the current YouTube scene, they are facing allegations of being ‘Alt-Right’, do people want to cancel them? Let’s explore.

Isaiah Mark Nichols who goes by the stage name ‘Wendigoon’ is a famous YouTuber born in the year 1999 on June 2nd.

He started getting a lot of attention for his unique way of delivering horror and true crime stories in his videos.

Fans love his ‘iceberg-explained’ videos in which he creates iceberg diagrams of various topics and explains them.

He currently has over 3.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 300K followers on his Twitter account.

Like any other content creator, Wendigoon has also many times become a part of controversies, and often his fans like to mention his wife in it.

Wendigoon Wife Kayla Garrett: A Veterinarian Steals The Spotlight Beyond Social Media Fame

Unlike Wendigoon his wife Kayla Garrett’s career has nothing to do with social media or entertainment apps.

Kayla Garrett with husband Wendigoon
Kayla Garrett looks extremely happy with her husband Wendigoon. (Source: Twitter)

She is a veterinarian who loves treating animals and taking proper care of them until they are healthy.

Her post on her Twitter handle often consists of her pet dogs and her other furry patients.

Kayla Garrett also loves posting her husband Wendigoon on her social media.

On her Twitter bio, she writes that she is the ‘biggest hater’ of Wendigoon which clearly is a joke.

This suggests that she also has incredible humor similar to her husband Wendigoon.

Although Kayla does not have her own YouTube channel she often makes appearances on Wendigoon’s videos.

The fans of Wendigoon started loving her input on his videos and she started getting quite famous.

Wendigoon knowing the attention that his wife grabs, often likes to add her name to the title of his YouTube videos even though she is not on it.

YouTuber Wendigoon is also always gushing about how much he loves his wife Kayla Garrett.

Kayla Garrett graduation
Wendigoon says how happy he was to attend the graduation of his wife Kayla Garrett. (Source: Twitter)

However this time his mention of his love for his wife has created a different kind of buzz on the Internet.

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Wendigoon Mentions Wife Amidst The ‘Alt-Right’ Allegations On Twitter: Did His Fans Cancel Them?

He was accused of being an ‘Alt-Right’ individual by some Twitter users.

They were pointing out Wendigoon’s engagement on Twitter to prove their allegations.

He was allegedly interacting with some extremely right-wing social media accounts.

They also talk about how he has been so vocal about gun rights and always keeps talking about his experience as a Sunday school teacher.

Using all these claims, these Twitter users suggest that Wendigoon is very different from what he portrays to be on his YouTube.

Wendigoon wife
Wendigoon with his wife Kayla Garrett appears to be his happiest self. (Source: Twitter)

After these allegations, many of his followers and fans started writing about whether he should be canceled.

To address these tweets and to avoid Internet cancellation Wendigoon wrote a tweet.

He writes, “The only thing I love is God and my wife.”

Since then everyone who tries to defend Wendigoon mentions his comment about his wife.

Although for a moment it seemed like Wendigoon had been canceled by his fans the controversy has now begun to fade out.

Wendigoon and his wife are back to their usual life and do not seem to care about the controversy anymore.

The number of his fans seems to have outran his haters which is why neither Wendigoon nor his wife got canceled. 

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