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Is Wendy Williams Gay Or Trans? Gender, Partner & Relationship

With the rising popularity of Wendy Williams, fueled by her TV show and public appearances, many people are showing interest in her gender and sexuality as they keep searching if she is gay or trans.

Wendy Williams is an American celebrity who is well-known and has a lot of credit in broadcasting and entertainment.

Wendy Williams, born on July 18, 1964, gained fame as the host of the TV talk show The Wendy Williams Show, which aired from 2008 to 2021.

She became famous in New York City for making unexpected comments and starting arguments with well-known individuals on live broadcasts.

For instance, she has performed on comedy tours and produced and designed her own fashion line, jewelry collection, and wigs.

Additionally, while Wendy was the hometown girl, she got famous enough to have a street named after her.

As a famous media personality, Wendy Williams attracts interest in her personal life from many people.

Recently, her gay rumor has been making her fans curious, and they want to know whether Wendy Williams is gay or trans.

Is Wendy Williams Gay Or Trans? Gender And Sexuality

Wendy Williams, a popular TV personality, has long been troubled by rumors questioning her sexual orientation.

Transgender lawmakers are running for office, including Summer Lee, but another candidate is denying their transgender identity.

Rumors about Wendy are believed to have originated from misinterpretations of her looks, such as her strongly shaped features, height, and body shape.

Wendy Williams with bag
Wendy Williams has also won the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Wendy has discussed the speculation in interviews and other public appearances.

Nevertheless, Wendy Williams has refuted that there is no truth to the claims that she was born gay or transgender. So, for now, we can say Wendy Williams is neither gay nor trans.

Wendy believes that her unique combination of height and wigs could contribute to the perception of her in a particular way.

Despite facing significant criticism and receiving suggestions, Wendy has displayed remarkable strength and resilience.

She mentions that despite facing criticism, which she believes is due to gender bias, it doesn’t affect her.

Wendy has revealed bits of her childhood, including not being acclimatized or her body image.

Wendy Williams in white dress
Wendy Williams has more than 120k followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Contrary to assumptions, Wendy Williams comprehends and conquers challenges despite not being gay.

In summary, mass media persistently discusses Wendy Williams’ gender and sexuality.

Despite rumors, Wendy Williams consistently asserts that her appearance or experiences do not define her gender or sexuality.

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Details On The Partner And Relationship Of Wendy 

Wendy Williams has experienced marriage twice throughout her life.

The first of her marriages was to Bernhardt “Bert” Girigorie, a salesman, in 1994. However, they divorced in 1995.

Later, after ending her relationship with Girigorie, she entered into marital bliss with Kevin Hunter in 1999.

After spending more than two decades as a married couple, their divorce was eventually concluded in 2020.

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams faced numerous problems in their marriage, mainly due to his infidelity and inability to regain trust and loyalty.

They were together for almost 22 years before their divorce in 2019, during which they had been together for 25 years.

Kevin Hunter in shorts
Kevin Hunter is a manager at ILM and an author of INDUSTRIAL LIGHT AND MAGIC. (Source: TheUSSun)

One of the main issues they dealt with was Kevin’s cheating, which Wendy openly discussed numerous times in the media.

Wendy first brought up Kevin’s unfaithfulness in 2001, immediately after the birth of their son, Kevin Jr.

Wendy believed that facing their difficult situation together would strengthen their marriage.

In 2008, Kristina, a studio employee, alleged that Kevin was harassing her physically and verbally.

Wendy strongly denied the accusations during her show, but this only made her marital issues worse.

Despite scandals and trials, he consistently supported Wendy and their son, indicating that their relationship was intricate and enduring.

Nonetheless, Wendy Williams has moved on and is now dating someone new after divorcing Kevin Hunter.

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