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Wenter Donovan Arrested As She Stopped Doctor From Taking Shanquella To Hospital, Case Update

Wenter Donovan Arrested news has been circulating online as an arrest warrant has reportedly been issued for a Charlotte resident’s death.

Shanquella Robinson took a vacation to Mexico with her friends on October 28. Robinson died within 24 hours of arriving at the Fundadores villa in San Jose del Cabo.

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Her mysterious death continues to pique netizens’ interest, with sources claiming that Daejhanae Jackson and Wenter Donovan physically assaulted the victim.

Was Wenter Donovan Arrested? Did She Stop Doctor From Taking Shanquella To Hospital?

An arrest warrant has reportedly been issued in the death of Charlotte resident Shanquella Robinson, who was killed in Mexico while on vacation, according to a Mexican prosecutor and confirmed by ABC News.

Wenter Donovan was Arrested (Source: youtube)

The doctor stated that she thought Robinson should be sent to a hospital, but her companions asked that she be treated at the estate. 

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According to the report excerpt, Dr. Gutiérrez tried an IV but was unsuccessful. It is unknown what drug was contained in the IV.

The report contradicts information from Robinson’s death certificate, which stated that she died within 15 minutes of being injured. 

According to the Observer’s Spanish-to-English translation of the report, “at this point, the patient’s friend, named Wenter Donovan, called 911 to request an ambulance.” It was around 4:20 pm at the time.

Instead, a Police report excerpt shows that a doctor from a nearby hospital spent nearly three hours with Robinson and others in the House before she was pronounced dead.

Shanquella Robinson Case Update

New details are emerging in a case that has sparked national interest.

A Police investigation revealed that Shanquella Robinson was alive when medical treatment came to the property where she was vacationing with a group of people in Cabo, Mexico, last month.

The report was obtained by a Charlotte newspaper and differed from information previously obtained from 25-year-old Robinson’s death certificate, which stated that she died within 15 minutes of being injured.

Wenter Donovan before fighting (Source: abcnews)

 Instead, a doctor from a nearby hospital was with Robinson and others in the House for nearly three hours before she was pronounced dead, according to a Police report excerpt.

The FBI and Mexican Police authorities have initiated investigations into her death since her death, and after a video of one of her friends beating her went viral.

 Due to a lack of convincing proof and different interpretations, her tale has gone viral, eliciting global outrage and numerous individuals carefully monitoring Robinson’s demise. 

How Did Robinson Die? What Happened To Her?

Shanquella’s mother, Sallamondra Robinson, informed news outlets that each buddy from the trip had a different tale and that they first told her that her daughter had alcohol poisoning.

The official cause of death is “severe spinal cord damage and atlas luxation,” according to autopsy records.

According to ABC News, the State Attorney General’s Office of Baja California Sur confirmed Thursday that they are investigating Robinson’s death as probable femicide.

According to Merriam-Webster, femicide is “the gender-based murder of a lady or girl by a male.”

The FBI launched an investigation into Robinson’s death amid contradicting accounts; the agency acknowledged in a statement to The Charlotte Observer and other publications on Friday.

Robinson’s sister Quilla Long stated in a gofundme statement that the family will continue researching what happened and is seeking cash for legal bills.



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