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No, Wes Moore Is Not Gay Instead He Is Married To His Wife Dawn Moore

Fans are curious to know if Wes Moore gay. Wes is an American politician, investment banker, author, and television producer. His full name is Westley Watende Omari Moore.

He will serve as the state’s first Black governor after his victory over Republican Dan Cox in the 2022 Maryland gubernatorial election.

Moore, born in Maryland and spent most of his upbringing in New York, attended Johns Hopkins University before earning a master’s degree as a Rhodes Scholar from Wolfson College in Oxford.

Moore worked as an investment banker in New York after serving in the American Army and Army Reserve for some years.

Moore published five books between 2010 and 2015, one of which was young adult fiction. From 2017 to 2021, Moore headed the Robin Hood Foundation as C.E.O. Be with us to know is Wes Moore Gay?

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No, Wes Moore Is Not Gay- Instead He Is Married To His Wife Dawn Moore

Is Wes Moore Gay? Talking about Wes Moore’s sexuality, he is not gay. Currently, Wes is happily married to Dawn Moore. In 2006, Moore and his wife Dawn (née Flythe) relocated to Baltimore’s Riverside neighborhood.

Recently he tweeted, ‘Being gay isn’t a choice. Ignorance and Intolerance are.’ that’s why people assumed that he must be gay, but that is only his opinion he shared.

Wes Moore Gay
Wes Moore with his wife Dawn Moore.

The union took place on July 6, 2007. The Moores left their Riverside home at the end of 2008, buying a House in the north Baltimore neighborhood of Guilford for $1.2 million. They will keep their Riverside property as a rental until they sell it in February 2021.

Additionally, the Moores had a residence on Park Avenue that they leased to Tabor Ethiopian Cuisine before selling it to the eatery in 2015.

The Moores paid $2.35 million in February 2017 for an 8,000-square-foot House in Guilford. James was born in 2013, and Mia was born in 2011.

The Early Life Of Wes Moore

Moore was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, to mother Joy Thomas Moore, a media Executive and the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, and Father William Westley Moore Jr., a broadcast news Journalist.

When Moore was around four years old, on April 16, 1982, his Father passed away from acute epiglottitis. Moore’s mother moved him and his two sisters to live with their grandparents in the Bronx, New York, for the summer of 1984.

His grandfather, Jamaican immigrant Rev. Dr. James Thomas, was the first Black priest in the Dutch Reformed Church’s annals.

Wes Moore Gay
Wes Moore Loved taking the helm of flight simulator. (Source: Instagram)

His grandmother, Winell Thomas, was a retired school teacher who was born in Cuba and lived in Jamaica before emigrating to the United States. Riverdale Country School was Moore’s school.

Moore’s mother enrolled him at Valley Forge Military Academy and College after his grades started dropping and he became involved in minor crimes.

Wes Moore Democratic Primary For Maryland Governor

Wes Moore, a well-known author and former nonprofit C.E.O. who ran as an outsider in the race for governor of Maryland, has won the Democratic primary.

Three days after the polls closed, The Associated Press announced late Friday that Mr. Moore had defeated six other candidates, including former labor secretary and D.N.C. chairman Tom Perez, state comptroller Peter Franchot, and former labor secretary Tom Perez.

Best-selling novelist Mr. Moore, who once hosted a program on Oprah Winfrey’s cable network, ran as a fresh face in a race where his primary opponents were all seasoned politicians from Maryland or the federal government.

Wes Moore Gay
Wes Moore on the eve of Election Day. (Source: Instagram)

An impressive performance for a first-time candidate, he received support from Ms. Winfrey, the Democratic leaders of both chambers of the Maryland legislature, and three members of the state’s congressional delegation.

In the primary election, Mr. Moore, who, if elected, would be Maryland’s first Black governor, will be favored to defeat Dan Cox, a Republican state senator. The latter has the support of former President Donald J. Trump.

Mike Pence, the vice president, was referred to as “a traitor” during the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, by Mr. Cox. He has promoted a variety of electoral conspiracy theories.

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