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What Did Archie Battersbee Do To Himself? Meet His Parents Hollie Dance And Paul Battersbee

The internet is keen on the Archie Battersbee case after the British boy was the subject of several court hearings between April and August 2022.

After an incident at home in April, The 12 years old Archie sustained traumatic brain injuries. Following his brain dead incident, his family and doctors battled in court over his continuing life-support treatment.

Archie died on August 6 when the hospital withdrew life support after several courts agreed with doctors that stop treatment.

The British boy who lost his life to brain damage was an active young boy who participated in mixed martial arts and gymnastics.

Meet Archie Batterlee Parents Hollie Dance And Paul Battersbee

Archie Battersbee was son of Hollie Dance And Paul Battersbee.

According to BBC, Archie’s mother claims his death was an accident, and the family speculates the victim had been taking part in a dangerous online challenge.

Archie Battersbee
Archie’s parents Paul Battersbee and Hollie Dance spent months in a legal battle with the hospital trust treating him(Source: BBC)

The British boy was discovered unconscious at the family home in Southend, Essex, on April 7 last year by his mother, Hollie Dance.

Authorities withdrew his life support after he was with a ligature around his neck.

During interrogation, Archie’s mother speculates his son met an accident while he climbed the fence and probably fell, causing severe injury to his neck and resulting in unconsciousness.

His parents, on June 29, won an appeal for the case to be reconsidered and a new hearing. The case was presided over by a different judge to determine Archie’s best interests to take place on July 11.

His mother, Holly Dance, claims to threaten WhatsApp messages targeting her son have been released as part of the disclosure process before next week’s inquest into the 12-year-old’s death on August 6.

What Did Archie Battersbee Do To Himself?

According to BBC, the court also heard evidence that the British national had shared messages with others about self-harm and suicide.

Archie Battersbee
Archie Battersbee, 12, was found dead after participating in an online “blackout” challenge.(Source: Genius Celeb)

Responding to Dance’s concerns that Archie had been participating in an online “blackout” challenge.

Several media claim the young boy died from an accident during a wrong prank or experiment.

After being transferred to the Royal London Hospital in east London, run by Barts Health NHS Trust, doctors told the patient’s family concluded his brain damage was so significant that he may be brain stem dead.

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What happened To Archie Battersbee?

The Independent claims that Archie perished in an accident caused by a “failed experiment or joke.

After a hearing on June 13, the judge declared that Archie had passed away on May 31, the day of his MRI scan and that doctors may turn off his life support.

Archie Battersbee
Archie’s family was told his treatment would be withdrawn at 10 am on Saturday, 6 August. (Source: the guardian)

After Archie’s family filed a complaint with the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities while it deliberated the issue, the organization requested that the UK government postpone Archie’s medical care termination.

In a written statement to the court, Joseph Norton said he was in his mother’s garden, next to Archie’s family home, when he overheard shouting and thought someone had been stabbed.

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