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What Did Liz Magill Say? Controversy And Testimony

What Did Liz Magill Say? After an interim president was appointed, Magill declared on December 9, 2023, that she intended to resign from her position as university president. 

In July 2022, American law scholar and academic administrator Mary Elizabeth Magill was appointed as the university’s ninth president and 27th head. 

She started her academic career at the University of Virginia and rose to the rank of Professor of Law. She is an expert in administrative and constitutional law. 

Afterward, she held positions as provost of the University of Virginia and dean of Stanford Law School.

On December 5, 2023, in Washington, DC, Liz Magill, President of the University of Pennsylvania, testifies before the House Education and Workforce Committee at the Rayburn House Office Building. 

To look into antisemitism on college campuses, the Committee convened a hearing. What Did Liz Magill Say? Let’s get into the article to know more.

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What Did Liz Magill Say?

People are wondering What Did Liz Magill Say? 

Four days after appearing before Congress and seemingly sidestepping the topic of whether or not students who called for the murder of Jews should face consequences she announced her resignation on Saturday.

After her testimony, support for Ms. Magill, which had already been eroded in recent months due to her behavior at a Palestinian literary conference and the university’s early reaction to the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, fell apart. 

Prominent alumni questioned her direction, affluent donors decided to stop giving, and government representatives surrounded the university to remove the president.

What Did Liz Magill Say
Liz Magill of UPenn comes under fire for her antisemitic testimony, and the Wharton Board demands reform. (Source: PBS)

A day ahead of Penn’s scheduled board of trustees meeting, on Saturday night, Ms. Magill announced her resignation. 

The chairman of the board, Scott L. Bok, informed the Penn community via email that Ms. Magill had “voluntarily tendered her resignation.”

Less than an hour later, Mr. Bok announced his resignation, adding to the unrest at one of the most prominent universities in the country. 

Controversy And Testimony Of Liz Magill

Liz Magill, the president of the University of Pennsylvania, is facing intense backlash after testifying at a House committee, leading to calls for her resignation from powerful circles amid growing criticism and cries for change.

The Wharton Board of Advisors highlighted the need for fresh leadership at the school, pointing to a general inaction following Magill’s statement. 

“Our Board respectfully suggests to you and the Board of Trustees that the University requires new leadership with immediate effect as a result of the stated beliefs and collective failure to act,” the letter addressed directly to Magill said.

Prominent individuals like NFL owner Josh Harris and former Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky are among the powerful members of the Wharton Board. 

The board called for immediate action, expressing serious worry over what they described as a “dangerous and toxic culture” on campus. 

In spite of this, the Board of Trustees at the University of Pennsylvania called an emergency meeting, which raised rumors about possible conversations about Magill’s future. 

Magill’s future is unclear, meanwhile, as contradictory stories surfaced and a university official denied any immediate intentions for a change in leadership.

Some Early Life Details Of Liz Magill

Magill, a native of Fargo, North Dakota, is the daughter of Frank Magill, a senior federal judge on the Eighth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. 

In the Fourth Judicial District of Minnesota, her brother Frank Magill Jr. serves as a district judge. 

What Did Liz Magill Say
A House committee began looking into what Harvard, MIT, and Penn did after the testimonies. (Source: NPR)

She received a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1995 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Yale University in 1988, where she also held the position of head of the Yale College Democrats.

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