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What Happened To Bubba Wallace? Rajah Caruth Controversy

The sports world is often filled with controversies and recently, Bubba Wallace had an exchange with Rajah Caruth making viewers concerned about what happened between the players. Let’s find out!

Bubba Wallace and Rajah Caruth are professional stock car racing drivers who compete full-time in the NASCAR Series.

Previously, Wallace was a development driver in Toyota’s driver development program in the Xfinity Series.

Further, he has been the only full-time African American driver in the NASCAR’s three national series.

Meanwhile, Caruth driver for Spire Motorsports full-time in the 2024 season with a no.71 truck.

Over the years, the racer has won the Victoria’s Voice Foundation 200, becoming the third Black driver to win the title.

Apart from their familiarity on the tracks, Wallace and Caruth share a close relationship as friends.

However, a recent event has spurred fans to ask what happened between Bubba Wallace and his friend as tension arises between the players.

What Happened To Bubba Wallace? Controversy With Rajah Caruth

The questions about what happened to Bubba Wallace came after the conclusion of the Fresh from Florida 250 Truck Race.

During the race, Caruth had an overtime finish after an encounter with action on the tracks.

Further, the no. 71 driver was fighting Jack Wood and Taylor Gray for the third position.

Bubba Wallace with Rajah
Wallace couldn’t attend Caruth’s recent race. (Source: Twitter)

As the race progressed, Caruth got into Wood’s truck which was sent into the barriers and flipped above two trucks.

After the flip, the truck landed on its wheels triggering the record 12th caution flag of the race.

Moreover, the field was caught up in the wreck pushing players to a close finish to the series.

In the end, Caruth reached the finish line in second position, adding another achievement to the NASCAR series.

However, the player was pulled away by Bubba Wallace for a deep conversation about the race.

This sparked controversy regarding what happened between Bubba Wallace and the no. 71 driver.

Budda Wallace's friend celebrating with champaign
Caruth receives tips from Wallace to improve his track record. (Source: Twitter)

Later, they ended the conversation with a handshake and a hug and walked away from the cameras.

As people began speculating about the talk, Caruth assured them that nothing major happened between them.

Moreover, Wallace was only giving the racer some advice regarding the wreck and his overall series position.

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A Mentor And A Friend: Found Connection On The Race Tracks

While uncovering what happened between Bubba Wallace and Rajah Caruth, people got a look into their friendship.

Over the years, Wallace has been the biggest supporter and mentor of the 22-year-old racer.

Further, he mentioned that Caruth’s triumphs have served as motivation for his upcoming Cup Series race.

Bubba Wallace in his track uniform
Wallace expressed his excitement over Caruth’s win. (Source: Twitter)

It wasn’t a surprise to fans looking at their relationship as the racers often congratulate one another’s win.

Moreover, Wallace talked about Caruth in a post-race interview claiming that he is super proud of the race.

The NASCAR racer went on to detail how he has been hard on Caruth since his early days on the tracks.

However, such motivation and guidance have paid off as the young racer has received sponsorship with Hendrick Cars for the season.

Additionally, Wallace stated that the rookie driver has gained immediate lessons from his season last year.

Bubba with NASCAR suit
Wallace has noticed an improvement in Caruth’s style. (Source: Twitter)

Caruth hasn’t missed a chance to utilize his abilities in the best possible ways on the tracks.

Throughout his journey, he has friends and mentors like Wallace to thank for providing insights into his techniques.

Similarly, Wallace is excited about the milestones awaiting Caruth in the future NASCAR series race.

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