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What Happened To Build Thai Actor Jakapan Puttha? Controversy Explained

What happened to the Build Thai actor? Fans have been asking since his recent controversy with author Poi surfaced. 

Jakapan Puttha, also known as Build, is a Thai actor managed by Be On Cloud.

In 2017, Build made his acting debut with Yuea Phayabat. He has since starred in several television shows, dramas, and specials. 

Likewise, he has attained fame as one half of a famous acting pair opposite Bible Wichapas Sumettikul.

In addition to being an actor, Build is also a model, singer, and graphic designer.

He is a Broadcasting graduate from Bangkok University and is bilingual, speaking Thai and English.

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Controversy Explained: What Happened To Build Thai Actor Jakapan Puttha?

Thai actor Build and author Poi have been making headlines after the latter claimed her relationship with Build.

The controversy started on Twitter after the KinnPorsche writer posted allegations against Build Jakapan. 

Poi, also known as Patchayamon Theewasujaroen, claimed that the actor had taken several expensive gifts from her, such as a car, designer clothes, bags, etc.

She also shared multiple chat conversations as “evidence.” In some snapshots, while she shows a bruise, the other person in the chat mocks her injury, asking her why she needs to go to a hospital.

In a thread posted on her Twitter, Poi accuses Build of physically and mentally abusing her, cheating on her, and making her pay for his condo (where he brought other women).

According to reports, Build was yet again spotted crying to fans after an event, presumably to gain sympathy for what would come late controversies surrounding actor Build and author Poi. (Source: The BL Express) 

While some fans believe Poi, some fans are doubtful and have expressed doubts regarding the allegations.

Build is currently on a hiatus, and we will next see him on a live stream along with Poi, where the duo will be addressing fans directly.

They will discuss the allegations publicly in the presence of a spokesperson from Be On Cloud on January 28, 2023.

Poi is one half of the author duo known as Daemi. She has written the novel ‘KinnPorsche’ and the script for ‘My Engineer,’ among other works.

Be On Cloud Releases Statements On Poi and Build Controversy

While the internet is full of speculations and allegations, Build Jakapan’s label, Be On Cloud, broke its silence, releasing several statements regarding the controversy.

They stated that their client and Poi had been in a close relationship but had recently ended.

The label wrote, “…some conflicts between them have arisen. The relationship and conflicts are their personal business, in which the company respects their personal decisions.”

Be On Cloud added that the dispute was an “important and sensitive issue that cannot be neglected.”

They continued by requesting the time to “clearly and correctly” investigate the issue taking due information from both parties.

build thai actor
Build’s controversy is in the limelight after the conversation messages went viral. (Source: The Sports Grail)

On another note, the label announced that Build would take a break from his work for an undefined period.

“He will be taking time off from his schedule to carefully reflect on his deeds and handle his dispute and lawsuit,” they stated, adding that the work suspension would be effective until the resolution and clear conclusion of the matter.

They also shared that Build would be “excluded from the company’s projects.”

On January 23, the company noted that Build and Poi would appear on a live stream to discuss the allegations in the presence of their spokesperson. The said event will take place on January 28, 2023, at 2 pm Thai time.

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Build Jakapun Puttha Was Previously Subjected To Another Controversy

Actors are no strangers to controversy; however, back-to-back controversy is bound to ruin anyone’s career.

To those unaware, the KinnPorsche star previously came under fire after screenshots of his past social media posts came to the surface.

He was seen commenting on women’s body parts and giving homophobic comments.

His company, Be On Cloud, immediately issued a public statement, suspending Build temporarily from all activities.

Build also posted a hand-written apology letter asking for everyone’s forgiveness for his past deeds.

He was also not present during KinnPorsche the series’ last episode premiere.

Fans who love Jakapan showed great understanding and waited for his return. Since no one is perfect, apologizing and understanding one’s mistake is also commendable.

Puttha returned during the KinnPorsche World Tour, making his fans happy with his comeback. His performance of Jay Park’s Mommae also went viral.

The following months saw, Build and his on-screen partner, Bible, attending various promotion shows and Be On Cloud’s YouTube segments.

Both highlighted several shows and were featured on many magazines’ cover pages.

But, no one could have assumed that the troubles for Build were on the horizon.

Build Jakapun Puttha Announced Resign From Be On Cloud

No one could have expected sweet-looking Build to be portrayed as a woman abuser.

When Poi tweeted her experiences and screenshots of her messages with the actor, everyone was shocked.

Trends about Build Jakapun Puttha immediately started trending on Twitter. Likewise, translations of Poi’s screenshots also caused a stir among International fans.

Build followed up with his own set of screenshots which portrayed Poi yelling at him, calling him vulgar names, and more.

However, he has now deactivated all of his social media accounts.

Be On Cloud initially announced Build and Poi would attend a live conference, but later changed that only Build would be the only participant.

The long-awaited live conference happened on January 28, where Build, donning black attire, announced his resignation from the company.

He also announced that he would fight for the ones who love him, his family, and for himself. He then added that he would fight with Poi on the court.

Be On Cloud posted a statement about Build’s voluntary resignation a few hours later.

However, fans were outraged that the company couldn’t protect their artist and would abandon them when needed.

Build Jakapan Puttha
BOC statement regarding Build Jakapan Puttha Resignation (Source: Instagram)

One Twitter user even shared how BOC lost 100K IG followers within 48 hours of Puttha’s resignation.

Also, following Build’s leaving, many are wondering whether he will still star in 4 Minutes with Bible.

Support for Build is coming worldwide, and fans are using #buildjakapansupport on social media.

Build’s fandom Be Your Love is sharing old posts of the actor and mentioning how much they miss him.

KinnPorsche author Poi, on the other hand, is replying to every hate comment and fighting for herself.

Well, we all can only wait and see how the case will unfold.

We hope that the victim will get justice and the wrongdoer will get his/her punishment.


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