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What Happened To David Ralston? Illness And Health Issue Before Death

David Ralston has died, according to various sources. What happened to David Ralston? Find out his illness and health issues before death.

David Ralston, a Republican politician and American lawyer, served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2003 until his passing. He served as the 73rd speaker of the House beginning in 2010.

Since Tom Murphy, Ralston held the position of Speaker of the Georgia General Assembly for the most extended period among Republicans in the state’s history.

Ralston has led economically conservative projects, such as abolishing the sales tax on manufactured goods and passing the state’s first-ever income tax cut in 2018.

Ralston was in charge of pushing for adopting a state hate crimes statute after Ahmaud Arbery was killed.

Furthermore, Ralston has enacted legislation to improve Georgia’s electoral system, most recently the Election Integrity Act of 2021.

Ralston and Republicans claim that these initiatives aim to improve voter security in the state. In contrast, detractors argue that the real goal is to disenfranchise voters and reduce turnout.

What Happened To David Ralston?

Rep. David Ralston passed away, according to his staff, a few days after resigning as speaker of the Georgia House.

The 73rd Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, Speaker David Ralston, passed away today after a protracted illness, according to a tweet from Ralston’s communications director Kaleb McMichen.

In his 68th year, he said, he passed away alongside family members, including his devoted wife, Sheree.

What Happened to David Ralston
Speaker of Georgia House of Representatives, David Ralston, dies. (Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The Georgia House of Representatives has lost a significant pine tree, according to Democratic Caucus Dean Calvin Smyre.

My friend, Speaker David Ralston, and I collaborated closely on numerous Georgia-related topics. He will be severely missed for his leadership.

The Ralston family is in my thoughts and prayers during these trying times. James Beverly, the Leader of the House Democrats, expressed his regret and loss after learning of Speaker Ralston’s passing today.

My sorrow for his family, his friends, the excellent state of Georgia, and especially for the House can’t even begin to be put into words. He was undoubtedly a giant among men and a true friend.

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David Ralston Illness And Health Issues Before Death

Ralston, a Republican from Blue Ridge, has been ill for a while. However, the illness has yet to be briefly explained.

His office reported that he passed away with his wife, Sheree, his children, and other family members present.

Ralston stated early last week that he would not stand for re-election by his House colleagues as speaker of the House, citing his health.

David Ralston illness
David Ralston dies of a brief illness he has been sustaining for a while. (Source: Fox 5 Atlanta)

On November 8, he was unopposedly reelected by residents of Georgia’s 7th House District in Northwest.

Ralston was the state House speaker in the country who had been in office the longest since his death.

The remainder of the present term, which ends in January, will be presided over by House Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones, a Republican from Milton, following the Georgia Constitution.

On Monday, Jon Burns, a Republican from Newington and the Majority Leader in the House, was proposed as Ralston’s replacement as a speaker.

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On January 9, the opening day of the 2023 General Assembly session, the entire House will vote on the nomination.

At the beginning of the 2010 legislative season, Ralston was chosen as speaker. Since 2003, he has already served in the House.

He served in the state Senate for six years in the 1990s until quitting the legislature in 1998 to run unsuccessfully for attorney general.

Political leaders who worked with Ralston on essential pieces of legislation the General Assembly passed during his tenure recognized him as an effective Leader on Wednesday.



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