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What Happened To Erick Adame? Photos And Reddit – Wife & Children

What happened to Erick Adame? Erick’s private photos were recently sent to his colleagues and family member. Now he and his family deal with the public and Reddit users’ comments. See more details about it. 

Erick Adame is an American Metrologist who was a broadcaster for New York One (NY1). His show – Morning On 1, airs every weekday from 6 am to 9 am. It is watched by millions of American and Non-American people around the world. 

The popular meteorologist joined NY1 in 2017. Before Joining NY1- He had worked for Spectrum News for about 10 years. The meteorologist was also nominated for Emmy awards in 2021. 

We are covering millions of NY1 viers frequently asked questions – What happened to Erick Adame, Reddit comments, and wife and children details. 

What Happened To Erick Adame?

After the private photo of the Emmy Award nominee – Erick Adame surfaced, he was fired from the New york 1 Show- Morning on 1. According to Daily Beast, he had appeared on an adult webcam site. After that, his photos were leaked to his boss and mother. 

Check out what Erick has to say after this incident. 

Adam Erick Message On Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

An anonymous had secretly taken several screenshots when Erick was performing his naked body to another male user on an adult webcam site. In addition, the user sent the photos of Erick to New york 1 – boss. He was immediately suspended after the incident and was later terminated from the job. 

Two-time Emmy award nominee has placed himself forward on this matter. After that, he set himself ahead in his subject and posted a message on Instagram.

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Adame has apologized to his family, friends, colleagues, and viewers for the embarrassment they have been facing recently. The authorities are searching for the user responsible for Erick Adame’s downfall. 

Erick Adame Photos And Reddit Comments

Since the Erick Adame incident happened- Reddit has been flooded with mixed views. Some of the users are commenting that eliminating New York 1 is a wrong decision, whereas several certain users are seen supporting the decision made by the news channel. 

A Reddit user named – YeahAllokay wrote, “Adam Shouldn’t have been fired for this. He’s a local news meteorologist, not the mayor. It’s none of their business what he does outside of work.” 

Reddit Users Comment On Adam Erick Incident. (Source: Reddit)

Opposite that, ADustedEwork- An Reddit user,  is questioning Erick’s sexuality. According to him, the meteorologist was seen on a male private part-related webcam, and he stated, “If I were his lawyer, I’d try to make it seem like he was fired for being gay. The issue that they had was it was a man getting naked for other men.”

For the better cause, a leaked photo of Erick has not been made public. Some Reddit users are desperate to see the meteorologist’s Private parts photos. Perhaps the unseen images should be kept hidden from any public domain. 

Erick Adame Family: Wife & Children:

Erick Adame was born in October 1983 in Upstate New York – he is 38 years old (2022). 

Adame likes to keep his marital status private; hence information about her partner remains unclear. It is not publicly known whether he is married or dating, nor has he shared any facts about his children. 

Adam Erick at NY1.(Source: eonline)

Erick stands at a decent height of 1.78m height that he might have a sweetheart for his fans and friends. Or he may be centered entirely on creating his career, so he might not have a sweetheart.

If he has had a wife and children, They might be embarrassed after the leaked photos of Adam Erick.

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