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What Happened To Hunxho: Is Rapper Dead? Viral Shooting Rumors

Social media users were taken aback when several netizens recently shared online reports of Hunxho being shot. As the news of the Hunxho shooting went viral on the internet, people were concerned and curious to know what happened to him. Is Hunxho dead? Let’s find out!

Hunxho, whose real name is Ibrahim Muhammad Dodo, is a renowned rapper from Atlanta, USA.

He came to popularity after his songs like Let’s Get It and Gun Smoke were released.

As of 2024, Hunxho Music has over 33 million listeners on Spotify.

The rapper often shares his musical career and personal life on social media and constantly engages with his audience.

Apart from being a rapper and musician, he is also a famous internet personality with over 750,000 followers on his instagram.

However, Hunxho shooting news recently spread all over the internet, and his fans are concerned that something has happened to him.

Similarly, after the news, many death rumors about Hunxho started spreading on the internet, and now people are waiting for valid information about what happened to Hunxho.

What Happened To Hunxho: Is Rapper Dead? Viral Shooting Rumors

Being a famous singer or internet personality can be difficult as people are always curious about their personal life.

Moreover, their small miscellaneous acts can lead to a huge controversy, harming their career.

Similarly, in recent times, the death news Hunxho news went viral, and netizens are curious to know what really happened.

Hunxho looking at his phone.
Hunxho has over 750,000 followers on his Instagram and 41.9K Followers on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

As per the Internet reports, it was indicated that Hunxho “was fatally at Georgia State University on Sunday, February 25, 2024.”

Similarly, a website named brbcollege.in mentioned

Hunxho, known for his unique style and captivating lyrics, was rapidly making a name for himself in Atlanta’s thriving rap scene.

His death comes as a shock to fans and fellow artists alike, who had high hopes for his promising career.

The website wrote

The tragic incident occurred on the GSU campus, where Hunxho was allegedly shot.

Similarly, a Twitter user @persiationna also posted a photo of a man lying on the the ground. She wrote:

I go to gsu ofc class won’t be cancelled tomorrow after someone was killed outside the dorms

The man looked pretty similar to the rapper Hunxho from a distance; however, it was not quite sure.

A twitter user post photo where a man is laying on the ground.
Hunxho death rumor news emerged after a Twitter post. (Source: Twitter)

However, as soon as netizens saw that post, they all started thinking that it was Hunxho who was lying dead on the ground at the Georgia State University office.

Similarly, as the netizen’s concern grew, numerous other websites began circulating similar stories, and Hunxho took notice of the claims.

However, as the matter went serious, the rapper Hunxho finally shared the post, saying nothing had happened to him.

In the post, he addressed the rumor, debunking the shooting and death hoax.

Sharing a photo of himself on Twitter, he urged netizens to cease spreading false information.

In a nutshell, the death rumor of Hunxho is confirmed to be a lie, and nothing has happened to him; as he started, his health condition is excellent.

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Career Of Hunxho: Deep Into The Rapper’s Early Life

Hunxho, the Atlanta rapper, combines street struggles with smooth instrumentals and Auto-Tuned melodies in his music.

Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Hunxho played high school basketball before moving to Colorado for college.

Later, he settled in Atlanta to pursue a rap career.

Hunxho posing for the music album cover photo.
Hunxho Is a well-known American rapper. (Source: Twitter)

Hunxho began releasing his songs and projects like the 2018 mixtape True Story and the 2020 “Street Poet.

His song Let’s Get It remix has 33 million listens on Spotify, and Hunxho boasts 750,000 followers on his Instagram.

Hunxho has collaborated with notable rappers such as 21 Savage and NoCap.

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