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What Happened To Jake Muzzin? Spine Injury And Health Update

The Toronto Maple Leafs will play without Jake Muzzin, a veteran defenceman, for at least the next three months.

Jake Muzzinis has been a professional ice hockey defenceman for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League since 2019. 

He started his professional career as a free agent for Los Angeles Kings in January 2010.

Before starting his career as a professional, he played early minor hockey for the Woodstock Minor Hockey Association. 

Muzzinis started playing hockey and soccer at a very early age; he ultimately started his career as a hockey player when he was 13. 

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What Happened To Jake Muzzin? Spine Injury

The news about his Spine Injury from the last match has been trending, and he left in a half-match due to a cervical spine injury. 

The team shared the news on Monday that Muzzin is out indefinitely due to a cervical spine injury and will be re-evaluated in February, which is almost after three months. 

Also, the team mentioned that he might need more time to recover from the injury, so he might be out of the exact time. 

The Docter he went to mentioned that he could return to the field after three months, so hopefully, we will see him in the next season. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be playing without Jake Muzzin.
The Toronto Maple Leafs will be playing without Jake Muzzin. (Image Source: RMNB)

He also suffered from many health issues last season, so the doctor suggested he rest for some time. 

Also, Jake has still left a one-year contract with Toronto Maple Leafs, which might mean he will also play with the team for the 2023 season. 

He will not possibly leave the team, as he has been suffering from many injuries lately. 

Muzzin has to take care of him for some time to be active in the next season; he has not been involved in the 2021-22 season because of having some injury. 

His career was questioned for some time after he had many injuries. Many people believed that he would not be back in the season and probably be his last match. 

But hopefully, the doctor has given him three months to recover and be in the field. 

How is Jake Muzzin Doing Now? Health Update 

Muzzin was taken to the hospital after a spine injury in the last game; he has not been very active because of his health this season. 

He had some significant injuries over the past few seasons, including two concussions last season, and he was getting a hard time coming to the field. 

His career was in question, he might have lost his job because of the injury and not being active at the time, but hopefully, he still has a one-year contract with the team. 

Also, from the current injury, he will be fine within a month, but he can only be in the field after three months. 

Tweet about Jake Muzzin Return by the Leafs PR.
Tweet about Jake Muzzin Return by the Leaf’s PR. (Image Source: Twitter)

Muzzin needs to keep taking care of his health seriously; his close friend also mentioned that he needs to be serious if he wants his career to go on. 

He had the injury four days ago, so he has been discharged from the hospital and taking care of himself in his home. 

Hopefully, he will get better soon, and we can see him in the field. Muzzin concerned fans have also been passing many tweets to him after the injury. 

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