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What Happened To Joel In The Last Of Us? Is He Dead- Who Killed Him?

The Last of Us seemed to have set the table for Joel’s death. But is he dead? Despite being badly wounded, Joel is not dead.

On post-apocalyptic television, he had all the bad omens that portend impending doom.

A reunion with a long-lost relative, hallucinations of his dead daughter, a pivotal revelation that changed how someone who cared about him saw him, deteriorating mental health, and a last-minute choice that revealed his good heart, though it is hidden.

Joel would already be dead if he was in The Walking Dead, but The Last of Us appears to be doing things uniquely. Spoiler ahead.

What Happened To Joel In The Last Of Us? Is He Dead?

A raider stabbed Joel in the stomach with a broken baseball bat at the end of episode six. He lost a lot of blood and fell off his horse while fleeing the armed guys on the campus.

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Poor Ellie begged him to open his eyes, but Joel Miller closed them and didn’t move. Things appear hopeless. However, Joel is not dead!

What Happened To Joel In The Last Of Us
Joel is not dead in The Last of Us. (Image Source: IMDb)

Ellie attends to Joel’s needs and treats his injuries. Fortunately, she discovers medical supplies in an abandoned mall that aid in his recovery.

She routinely goes deer hunting so she can provide for Joel. She meets David in this way, a seemingly kind hunter who saves her life from a devastating Infected attack.

Sadly, David ends up becoming a cannibalistic killer who abducts Ellie. Joel wakes at this point to discover Ellie has vanished. His wounds are mostly healed.

According to Men’s Health, for a player who was just a moment ago, in Joel’s point of view, it is a sudden and unexpected moment.

This kind of player-character intimacy is harder to establish in the series. Instead, Ellie’s point of view allows us to experience Joel’s injury, which distances the audience from Joel.

We are made to experience Ellie’s powerlessness as much as Joel’s suffering thanks to the technique used here, which seems to achieve something different yet equally successful.

What Happened In The Last of Us?

In the game, Joel and Ellie must escape and shoot their way out of the hospital after being attacked by swarms of assailants (about 20 in total).

A man breaks through the door as Joel (the player at the moment) is heading for it from an exterior corridor that overlooks the hospital courtyard, throwing Joel into the railing.

What Happened To Joel In The Last Of Us
Joel (played by Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey) in The Last of Us. (Image Source: Den Of Geek)

The two struggle, and finally, both fall seamlessly from gameplay to cutscene. The view of the fall is upward from the courtyard, and sticking-out rebar frames the foreground. Joel and the assailant both slam against the camera. A piece of rebar pierces Joel.

Why Did Abby Kill Joel In The Last of Us Part 2?

Joel transports Ellie to the Fireflies in Salt Lake City after escaping his fatal wound. But, after knowing that she must pass away for the treatment to be effective, he kills Marlene and all the Fireflies before bringing Ellie to Jackson.

Tragically, Abigail, one of the key characters in The Last of Us Part 2, subsequently murders Joel.

As one of the Fireflies that Joel killed, Abby is seeking retribution for losing her Father. One of the surgeons operating on Ellie to remove the cure from her is her Father.

Fans of the HBO program and Joel (Pedro Pascal) can breathe easily.

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