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What Happened To Kate Wallis In Cruel Summer? Death Plot Story Explained

As Freeform just dropped its hit series Cruel Summer’s second season, many are asking what happened to Kate Wallis in Cruel Summer in season one.

“Cruel Summer” season one almost revealed everything. Still, the show managed to leave its audiences craving for more. Thus, the Freedom television series got a quick renewal and officially returned to the screen on 5 June 2023.

The hit series is back with a whole new cast and storyline, filled with suspicions, friendships, and betrayal. With the season’s release, many people are looking back at the previous season.

Cruel Summer’s first season focused on Kate Wallis (played by Olivia Holt). But what exactly happened to the leading character? Warning: Spoiler ahead

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What Happened To Kate Wallis In Cruel Summer?

Kate Wallis, a fictional character in Cruel Summer season one, is a gorgeous high schooler with a life everyone envies. In 1993 she had it all.

She was the prettiest and the most popular girl in Skylin and a top student at Skylin High School. In addition, she was dating a handsome guy Jamie Henson and the pair were public with their affection.

However, one day, Kate disappears mysteriously. She willingly went to Martin Harris’ house, initially as a part of hiding from her family. She spent most of her time moving freely in the house.

What Happened To Kate Wallis In Cruel Summer
Kate Wallis disappears mysteriously in Cruel Summer. (Image Source: Collider)

But later, Harris locked her in the basement and abused Kate. Jeannette Turner is another recurring character in the series. She is a loveable nerd who admires Kate’s life from afar.

In 1994 summer, Jeannette and her friends, Mallory Higgins and Vince Fuller, dare to steal the key to the new vice principal Martin Harris’s house and sneak in to play hide and seek. But, Jeanatte’s friends were unaware that she continued to sneak into the house for the following two years.

At one point, Jeanette learns that Kate is confined in Harris’ house. But she did nothing to help her because she prioritized her new life, which makes her the true antagonist of the series.

After she is recused, Kate accuses Jeanette of keeping her whereabouts a mystery. Jeanette later sues Kate for defamation.

Who Killed Vice Principal Martin Harris In Cruel Summer? Death Plot Story Explained

When Kate Wallis’ rescue news appears during news, Jeannett’s family learns that Martin Harris was shot and killed during a standoff.

Jeanette and Kate agree to meet at Martin Harris’ house between court hearings. They discuss their problems, and Jeanette discloses that Mallory was the one who saw Kate in Harris’ house.

What Happened To Kate Wallis In Cruel Summer
Martin Harris didn’t die in a standoff with police, but Kate Wallis shot him before se was rescued. (Image Source: Mamamia)

Kate asks Jeanette to the basement, which triggers her memory. She recalls how she shot the vice principal with the gun called Annabelle.

The female lead tells Jeanette that she felt paralyzed and guilty for loving, hating, and killing him. She admitted that she called the cops in the morning.

While Kate acknowledges that she first wished to interpret Martin Harris’s death as a shootout, she later understands this was false.

Martin Harris had gone to the basement to commit suicide but could not and dropped his gun. Kate saw a chance and fired at him.

Although it was plotted in the 1990s, it is surprising that police couldn’t differentiate between a man who just got shot and a man who was killed hours early.

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