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What Happened To Sydney Hightower? Video On TikTok Explaining She Didn’t ‘Feel Safe’ At Eagles Game

Sydney Hightower spoke about what happened to her and what she experienced from Eagles supporters following the defeat.

The wife of 49ers outside linebacker Fred Warner, Sydney Warner, has no immediate plans to go to another game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The Warners got married 13 months after becoming engaged in May 2021.

Before getting married to Warner in June 2022, she was a contestant on season 24 of “The Bachelor” under Sydney Hightower. 

Sydney, who has 45,800 followers on TikTok, described the taunts she received during the game and heard others receive from spectators. 

As she concluded that section of her “GRWM, let’s CATCH UP” TikTok, she added that she is all about passion, but never again.

What Happened To Sydney Hightower? 

After the loss, Sydney Hightower opened up about what had happened to her and the treatment she had received from Eagles fans. Hightower described her terrifying experience at the NFC Championship in a TikTok. 

She simply didn’t feel secure in the situation. Sydney claimed that she couldn’t handle the attention even if people called her a wimp. At one point, she even overheard someone wishing for their plane to crash.

She claimed that she had to conceal her red bag under her jacket because her husband had instructed her not to wear red to the game.

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She claimed the plan was successful until one inebriated Eagles fan saw it near a concession stand and confronted her before another Philadelphia supporter intervened.

Video On TikTok Explaining She Didn’t ‘Feel Safe’ At Eagles Game

Sydney Warner explained why she didn’t feel safe at the Eagles Game in a video uploaded to TikTok. After the NFC Championship experience, she declared in the video that she would never return to Lincoln Financial Field.

49ers All-Pro Fred Warner’s wife drops scathing review of Eagles after NFC Championship. (Source: TikTok)

She does her best to avoid letting it affect her after Warner says their entire situation is intimidating. “Just like get to where you’re going. Just like walk and let them throw things at you and say all the things,” she continued.

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Following the game, the tense situation persisted, according to Sydney. She claimed that she wanted to leave early because Eagles fans had started the riots, but as she was leaving through a tunnel, she was surrounded by fans who yelled at her and other people to go home.

49ers Lost To The Eagles: What Happened During The Game?

In the NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the San Francisco 49ers.

49ers linebacker Fred Warner and wife Sydney pose for a photo at Sonoma Raceway in June. (Source: nypost.com)

After Brock Purdy left the game due to injury and had to reenter it later, the 49ers fell to the Eagles 31-7 in the NFC Championship game.

Josh Johnson, the backup quarterback, suffered a concussion and could not throw the ball downfield. According to NFL Network, Purdy completely tore his ulnar collateral ligament and had a six-month recovery period.

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In the 2022 postseason, Warner made 23 tackles, including two for loss and an interception. During the regular season, he was chosen to the First Team of the AP All-Pros for the second time in his career.


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