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What Happened With Meek Mill? Diddy’s Assault Controversy

After the name of Meek Mill got involved in Diddy’s controversy, fans of him got concerned and started questioning what happened to him. So, let’s find out. 

Robert Rihmeek Williams, widely known by his stage name, Meek Mill, is an accomplished American rapper.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he became a battle rapper in the early 2000s.

Later, he transitioned to a full-time rapper, creating a name for himself as a versatile artist.

Throughout his career, he worked with multiple production houses, releasing many singles and albums along with them.

He also founded his record label Dream Chasers Records in 2012, further solidifying his status in the industry.

However, his career was uncertain after a legal battle for violating parole in 2017.

Moreover, his personal has taken another dark turn recently after his involvement in a lawsuit against his fellow American rapper, Diddy.

With the news reaching a broad audience, many are concerned about what might have happened to Meek Mill in the past.

Details On Diddy’s Sexual Assault Controversies

Before jumping into the actual topic, let’s look at the recent controversy of Diddy that has raised the question of what happened to Meek Mill.

As an American rapper, Diddy has continuously made headlines not just for his achievements but also for his controversial actions.

Similarly, a recent lawsuit against Diddy from the American producer Rodney Lil Jones again made him the center of attention.

Diddy And Meek Mills captured in a single photo.
Meek’s name came out from various speculations from people. (Source: Facebook)

Rodney, the music producer, took it to court and filed a 73-document case against him for sexual assault.

Further, as the news of a legal case against Diddy started circulating online, the evidence written by Jones’ attorney also appeared on Twitter and Reddit.

Among all the documents, one of them suggested a sexual relationship between Diddy and another fellow rapper, thought to be Meek Mills.

In addition to these documents, many videos and images emerged online.

This further led to different discussions among social media users, eventually resulting in various controversies.

Meanwhile, the document also included other big names like Stevie J and an unknown R&B singer.

Screenshot from the evidence document.
The evidence documents have accused Diddy of sexual assault. (Source: Twitter)

Despite the ongoing controversies, Diddy has not addressed the public and is continuously avoiding media attention.

Moreover, the lawsuit has even aroused questions about Diddy’s sexual preferences.

However, it is hard to conclude whether the accusations against Diddy are true unless further confirmation is needed.

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What Happened With Meek Mill?

As stated earlier, Meek Mill’s name has also emerged in a legal dispute against Diddy and Rodney Lil Jones.

The lawsuit filed by Rodney even suggested Meek’s involvement in sexual relationships and drug-related offenses.

Although his name wasn’t initially pointed out by the documents, eventually, his Philadelphian roots turned him into a part of the controversy.

Meek Mill captured inside his car.
Meek found himself entangled in a sexual assault controversy with Diddy. (Source: Facebook)

Further, as the news of Meek’s involvement with Diddy came out, many fans were concerned about him.

Meanwhile, most of them thought something wrong might happen with Meek Mill.

However, in his recent statements, Meek has already denied his involvement, emphasizing his straight sexual orientation.

He also pointed out DJ Akademiks for spreading such baseless and harmful rumors and challenged him to present evidence.

Moreover, unless official reports, we cannot confirm that Meek has had sexual ties with Diddy only because of his Philadelphian roots and past involvement with Nicky Minaj.

In the meantime, fans do not need to be concerned about Meek Mill as, based on his official statement, nothing has happened to him in the past.

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