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What is Wrong With Rich Eisen Hair? Is American Television Journalist Sick?

Viewers are curious about Rich Eisen Hair after he recently conducted audience voting regarding hair surgery on his official Twitter account of The Rich Eisen Show.

Richard Eisen, famed for his screen name Rich Eisen is an established America-based television Journalist for NFL Network.

The NFL Network’s first on-air talent addition was the sports show host. He took over as host of NFL GameDay Morning, the NFL Network’s first pregame show, after agreeing to a new, long-term contract in 2010.

Before working for the NFL Network, Eisen worked for ESPN. During the Home Run Derby, the host rose was famed for his humor, most notably his impressions of Atlanta Braves broadcaster Skip Caray after being part of a duo with Stuart Scott. 

The television Journalist is famed for hosting the daily sports radio show, The Rich Eisen Show, since 2014. His performance was broadcast live from DirecTV’s El Segundo, California Studios on Audience Network, and NFL Now.

What Is Wrong With Rich Eisen Hair?

As seen in most of the pictures, Rich Eisen has lost hair and frontal hair loss.

Rich’s recent Youtube video about the Bald Brotherhood captivated the audience’s attention towards his hair loss.

Rich Eisen
Rich Eisen’s older twitter post with hair
Source: Twitter

The video was uploaded to the official The Rich Eisen Show with the title; no hair, do not care. It has talked about the confidence and vitality men lack due to baldness, the assumption, and the discrimination faced by the bald man in the video.

The host has formed the International Brotherhood of Bald People with moto No Hair Don’t Care, where they comically discuss the untold troubles.

In the video, he talked about men trying to protect hair and undergoing various chemical procedures and clinical treatments, hoping to regrow hair.

The anchor talked about the Bald Is Beautiful Moto and the use of wigs to enhance the look that does not define a person’s beauty.

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Is American Television Journalist Sick?

Besides blandness, the American Journalist is healthy, and Eisen reported no illness in the media regarding his ill health.

According to Variety, Eisen got infected by COVID-19 after the France visit. Despite being vaccinated, the Journalist was diagnosed with covid.

The television personality left earlier this month for a long-planned trip to Italy. Still, after testing positive for COVID-19, he was forced to spend ten days in isolation in a Boston hotel room.

Rich Eisen
Rich Eisen Hair after he recently conducted audience voting regarding hair surgery on his official Twitter account of The Rich Eisen Show.
Source: Twitter

The Journalist was shocked to find that, only five days after his most recent negative test, his COVID test taken in preparation for his journey to Italy had returned positive.

Eisen was abruptly placed under quarantine orders as soon as he got home from the vacation, less than 48 hours after he thought he felt a tickling in the back of his throat due to allergies.

After being diagnosed, Eisen tried to protect their three small children by being “very careful.” Eisen found that his 7-year-old daughter back at home in Los Angeles had also tested positive, which made his quarantine condition even more distressing.

Rich Eisen Career

The Rich Eisen Show has been a part of the NBC Sports Audio schedule ever since the Sirius XM channel went live, and in 2022 it was nominated for the Outstanding Studio Show Sports Emmy Award.

Before joining NFL, he hosted the ESPN reality series Beg, Borrow & Deal, Major League Baseball, and featured as a guest host on The Tony Kornheiser Show and The Dan Patrick Show.

Besides hosting sports, Eisen hosted the ABC show Domino Day.

While employed by NFL, the host added “The Rich Eisen Podcast,” the first-ever podcast for NFL.com, to his resume in 2010. It is currently accessible on Apple Podcasts.

In addition to his media work, the NFL host used his yearly race to collect money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through the “#RunRichRun” campaign. For his efforts, he received the 2017 Pat Summerall Award.

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