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What Plastic Surgery Did Jania Meshell Get? Before And After Photos

Jania Meshell’s Surgery has been discussed among her fans as the model nearly died during breast surgery gone wrong.

Jania Meshell is a well-known model, media personality, social media star, controversial face, businesswoman, and YouTuber from Houston, Texas. She became famous for her passionate and daring images, which she posts on her social media pages.

She rose to prominence after dating prominent rapper NBA Youngboy. The pair eventually split up. Their breakup has caused widespread confusion on the internet. Jania’s social media was inundated with harsh remarks.

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She also uploads videos on YouTube. All of her videos received thousands of views and likes. She also posed for several well-known brands and corporations.

What Plastic Surgery Did Jania Meshell Get? Before And After Photos

The social media sensation got breast surgery in 2019. She has also undergone butt surgery before. Jania once said she came dangerously close to dying during breast surgery because of the physicians’ challenges and incompetence.

Jania Meshell
Jania Meshell Revealing My Before and After Surgery Pictures (source: youtube)

She wanted to try plastic surgery on her breasts since she was unhappy with their size. The treatment went well initially, but she soon began to have complications.

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A deadly blood clot formed in her circulation due to the treatment of one of her breasts. Furthermore, the surgeons botched the therapy, causing discomfort and impairing her mobility. She informed DJ Smallz Eyes.

“I had a blood clot, and they said, you know… It might cause further difficulties if I don’t get it corrected. They had the entire implant turned upside down, so I felt it in my armpit and couldn’t elevate this arm; it was the worst feeling I’d ever had. It was still messed up when I returned to get it corrected.”

Did Jania Meshell And Young Boy Have Kids Together?

Jania Meshell and NBA YoungBoy had a very strained relationship. Meshell used Instagram Live to complain about NBA YoungBoy’s poisonous conduct.

The couple’s split was as disastrous as their relationship. Following the breakup, NBA YoungBoy released a song claiming Jania gave him herpes.

Jania Meshell
Jania Meshell And Young Boy (Source: Aceshowbiz)

Jania remarked that she is unlikely to have any more children. She added that she is content with Kacey and that he would not have any siblings from her. She also stated that he would be OK with NBA Youngboy’s brothers and sisters.

“I don’t want any more children. I wanted children, but I didn’t want to have a lot of baby daddies. I’m not having any more [babies]. I’m simply going to stick with Kacey and call it a day. He has siblings and sisters on his Father’s side, so he won’t need them on my side.”

Jania told her supporters that her job requires her to travel to and from Atlanta. Her family resides in Houston, which she enjoys because of the reduced cost of living.

She revealed that she is unmarried while delivering an update on her life. “I have no other reason to be here – I don’t have a boyfriend,” Jania explained. It’s unknown when Jania and her previous lover, YBN Almighty Jay, split up.

She originally disclosed her relationship with YBN Almighty Jay during an Instagram Live session in June 2020. Jay had been frequent on Jania’s Twitter account since then. 

She shared a photo of herself and Jay with a message in which she looked to hit one of her ex-boyfriends. “Why to push over a nigga that doesn’t want you,” she wrote. Thank you so much, Next.”


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