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Where Is Ana Cabrera Going After Leaving CNN? What Happened To Her? Is She Joining MSNBC?

Where is Ana Cabrera going? Is she departing from CNN to take a position at MSNBC?

Cabrera is a Journalist who started working as a host on CNN 1 pm show in 2013, but there have been questions about the host leaving the show. 

People are curious to know if the Journalist will leave the show for any other show now. 

Before working at CNN, she worked as a news anchor at KMGH-TV, and also when she first joined CNN, she was the news anchor for some time. 

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Cabrera was always interested in working as a Journalist, and she was always clear when she pursued her degree. 

Where Is Ana Cabrera Going After Leaving CNN? Is She Joining MSNBC?

Ana Cabrera revealed that next week would be her last day at CNN; she shared a tweet sharing her feeling about leaving the show. 

Cabrera did not mention where she will be going, but as per, The New York Post, she will be going for a role at rival MSNBC.

The news about her being in the role at MSNBC will get revealed after she officially is present on the show. 

Although the news about Cabrera joining MSNBC has been going on the Internet, MSNBC has not commented on the information.

The Journalist has yet to confirm the news publicly, and she only revealed that she would be present for her last day at CNN, on December 22. 

Ana Cabrera is leaving CNN and is expected to end up at MSNBC
Ana Cabrera is leaving CNN and is expected to end up at MSNBC. (Image Source: Ridgeeuro)

As per her Twitter post, she is excited about the new challenges and roles, which might mean she is joining the news team after being at CNN for over a decade.

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What Happened To Ana Cabrera? Reason Behind Leaving CNN

After Cabrera shared the news regarding leaving CNN, people have been curious to learn why. 

She did not mention the reason behind leaving the show in the Tweet she shared yesterday.

But as we know, she is leaving the show because of her reason, and she has always been happy to work with CNN.

CNN anchor Ana Cabrera announces
CNN anchor Ana Cabrera announces exit, the latest to leave the network. (Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

The reason behind leaving the Journalist is not the CNN team; she is happy and excited to face new challenges and work with a new group.

“I’m making the personal decision to explore a new professional chapter,” the Journalist said. The statement also cleared it for us that this was her own decision to leave CNN.

Additionally, Cabrera seems happy with her decision and is excited to be with the news team and work.

Although she mentioned leaving the show for something good and exploring more professional opportunities, many people still need clarification and want her back in the front.

But unfortunately, she will be at the show on December 22 for the last time, and we will see a new host on the front; the new host has yet to be revealed.

CNN’s new host will probably be seen in January, or they might reveal it anytime soon. Be connected with the news.

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