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Where Is Francella Perez Going After Leaving KUSI? New Job

Where is Francella Perez going? People are curious as to whether Francella is leaving KUSI or not. 

Perez is a journalist and anchor at KUSI News, a television station based in San Diego, California.

She describes herself as a “Multi-Media Journalist”, and her Twitter profile indicates that she covers breaking news, politics, and local events in the San Diego area.

She had a career in journalism and media, focusing on reporting and anchoring news broadcasts for KUSI News for more than ten years, but now the news regarding her leaving the show has been public. 

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Where Is Francella Perez Going After Leaving KUSI?

Francella Perez, a well-respected journalist and anchor at KUSI News in San Diego, recently announced her departure.

The news of her departure has been met with sadness by her many fans and admirers, who appreciate her professionalism, warmth, and engaging on-air presence.

In particular, many viewers have appreciated her rapport with her colleague Logan Byrnes and how they joke and banter on air.

Although it is still being determined what the future holds for Francella, her fans hope she will remain in the San Diego area and continue to work in media or journalism.

Francella Perez shared a picture with her friends in KUSI News.
Francella Perez shared a picture with her friends in KUSI News. (Image Source: Instagram)

Her departure comes when several other prominent journalists and news personalities have also left KUSI News, leading some viewers to express concern about the station’s direction.

Also, the station has not yet posted about the show’s end for her, so she might at least be present in the upcoming program for the last time.

Many people have been commenting on the post she posted months ago. They have been waiting to learn about her next move, but she has not mentioned it. 

Francella Perez New Job And Salary 

Based on Francella’s years of experience as a journalist and anchor, as well as her reputation for professionalism and expertise, it is likely that she would be able to secure a high-level position in the media industry.

But, regarding the new job, no clarification has been out; her fans and admirers will no doubt be eagerly awaiting news of her next steps and hoping she will continue to be a respected and influential voice in journalism. 

Francella may want to take some time off from her career to spend more time with her family.

After working in the demanding field of journalism and media for nearly 13 years, it would be understandable if she wanted to take a break and focus on personal priorities.

Francella and Danny Celebrating at the New Village Arts Gala.
Francella and Danny Celebrating at the New Village Arts Gala. (Image Source: San Diego Home/Garden)

Francella might have other career plans or is taking a well-deserved break before pursuing her next opportunity.

Hopefully, she will confirm her next move after leaving the show with her fans and followers. 

 Many people have been sending Francella Perez their good wishes and respecting her upcoming decision, whatever it may be.

As a well-respected journalist and anchor, she has significantly contributed to the media industry and built a loyal fan and supporter following.

Francella considers her next steps, and she can take comfort in knowing she has the support of her community and the broader media industry.

Her talent, experience, and passion for journalism make her a valuable asset to any organization. We can be confident that she will continue positively impacting wherever she goes.

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