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Where Is Greg Dutra Going After Leaving ABC 7 Chicago? Salary And Net Worth

Where is Greg Dutra going after leaving ABC 7 Chicago? Is he leaving the news channel? Here is everything we know about the talented meteorologist’s latest news.

Greg Dutra is an award-winning meteorologist with over a decade of on-air experience. He currently works as a weekend meteorologist at ABC 7 Chicago and a fill-in meteorologist at ABC.

Having earned his bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, he pursued his career in the same field. The  Lyndon State College graduate has been active in the area since the late 2000s.

Owing to his remarkable career, he has gained a huge fanbase worldwide. Greg has over 13K Instagram followers.

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Where Is Greg Dutra Going After Leaving ABC 7 Chicago?

It is unclear if Greg Dutra is leaving ABC 7 Chicago. The talented weather forecaster has not shared any news regarding it on his social media.

He is still on the News team of the channel. Thus, we assume that the meteorologist is not leaving ABC 7 Chicago. 

Where is Greg Dutra going
Greg Dutra still works at ABC 7 Chicago. (Image Source: Twitter)

Dutra started working for Chicago’s top-rated ABC 7 as a meteorologist for the weekend morning news in September 2019.

His weather forecasting skills and vibrant personality make him stand out. Even the vice president of news at ABC 7, Jennifer Graves, admired his skills and personality when Greg first joined the station.

Dutra once shared that forecasting winter storms is his favorite aspect of his profession, which also qualifies him to forecast the weather in the Windy City.

Before joining ABC News, Dutra worked at KDVR – FOX31 Denver as a morning meteorologist from November 2014 to September 2019.

Moreover, the talented weather forecaster has worked at KWQC TV-6 News for over five years and WABI-TV 5 for over two years.

Greg Dutra also gained much attention for his hilarious on-air moment when he discovered his television was a touchscreen in August 2022.

While on air, he accidentally touched the screen, and it moved. Surprised, Greg said he didn’t know he could do that. Anchor Terrell Brown was so excited that he also tested it out.

When he noticed that he could also zoom in on the screen, the ABC 7 Chicago official exclaimed, “what a wonderful day!”

Later he shared the funny clip on his social media and wrote it wasn’t in the training manual. Greg has that clip still pinned on his social media accounts.

Is Greg Dutra Married? Meet His Wife And Two Daughters

The prominent television personality Greg Dutra is happily married to Amber Dutra. The adorable pair have been married for several years.

Moreover, the Dutra couple is the proud parents of two cute baby girls – Brooke and Elle Dutra. Greg often shares pictures of his wife and daughters.

Brooke and Elle’s birth details have not been made public. But they are still young.

Where is Greg Dutra going
Greg Dutra with his wife and daughters (left) and sister and mother (Right). (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the ABC News official is also close with his parents and sister. His mother and sister once visited him in NYC, and the trio spent quality time together.

Greg Dutra Salary And Net Worth

The median annual income of a meteorologist in Chicago is estimated to be $110K.

Thus, Greg Dutra must also earn around that range. His primary earning source is his job as a weather forecaster.

The Lyndon State College graduate has been active in the field for over a decade, so he must have pocketed a considerable fortune.

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