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Where Is Ross Caruso Going After Leaving WBNS 10TV? new Job And Salary

Where Ross Caruso is going after his departure from WBNS 10TV remains a mystery, leaving his viewers eagerly awaiting news of his next destination.

The world of television meteorology is often a whirlwind of change, and recently, viewers of WBNS 10TV were surprised by the announcement of Ross Caruso’s departure from the station.

Ross Caruso, a well-known meteorologist and a prominent figure at WBNS 10TV for nearly six years, has decided to embark on a new chapter in his career. 

This significant development has left many of his loyal viewers wondering about the reasons behind his departure and, more importantly, where Ross Caruso is headed next. 

In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Ross Caruso’s career and new job and even glimpse his salary.

Where Is Ross Caruso Going After Leaving WBNS 10TV? 

Many people are curious about where Ross Caruso is going after leaving WBNS 10TV.

Where Is Ross Caruso Going
This post is a farewell message from Ross Caruso, to his friends and viewers, announcing his departure from WBNS 10TV. (Source: Instagram)

After dedicating six years of his career to WBNS 10TV as a Senior Meteorologist, Ross made a heartfelt announcement on his Instagram profile. He revealed his decision to leave the station.

His final forecast at WBNS 10TV was scheduled for Friday, October 13th. This departure was not made lightly; Ross explained that it was a choice based on personal and professional considerations at this juncture in his life.

His farewell message expressed gratitude for the remarkable experiences and the cherished colleagues he worked with at WBNS 10TV. 

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Caruso’s departure from WBNS 10TV has left a gap in the hearts of his loyal viewers, who have relied on his weather forecasts and updates for years.

Ross Caruso New Job Details

While the details of Ross Caruso’s new job are still a mystery, it’s clear that his passion and expertise in meteorology will continue to shine in his future endeavors.

Where Is Ross Caruso Going
Ross Caruso’s departure from WBNS 10TV has left a gap in the hearts of his loyal viewers who have relied on his weather forecasts and updates for years. (Source: metoyouinfo.com)

His decision to leave WBNS 10TV after six years has made viewers curious about his future endeavors. His Instagram announcement didn’t provide specific details about his next job.

Ross Caruso is no stranger to the world of meteorology. Before joining WHIZ Zanesville, he started his meteorological career at WJET/WFXP in Erie, Pennsylvania.

These experiences before WBNS 10TV have helped shape him into the respected meteorologist he is today. His years in the field have provided him with the expertise and skills necessary to thrive in the competitive field of broadcast meteorology.

Considering his track record and passion for meteorology, it’s likely that Ross Caruso will continue his career in a similar role at another television station or within the meteorological field.

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Many experienced meteorologists like Ross often move on to new opportunities in different locations or channels to further their careers and explore fresh challenges.

Ross Caruso Salary: How Much Does He Earn?

While specific salary information for Ross Caruso is not publicly available, we can estimate based on industry averages. 

Meteorologists in the United States typically earn an annual salary ranging between $40,000 to $110,500.

As a Senior Meteorologist with several years of experience in a significant metropolitan area, Ross Caruso likely earned a competitive salary within this range during his tenure at WBNS 10TV.

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In his new position, Ross Caruso’s salary may vary depending on his new job location, the station’s size, and his seniority. His established reputation as a meteorologist will undoubtedly be a valuable asset as he negotiates his salary in his new role.


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