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Where Is Sarah Reid Going After Leaving Global News? New Job And Salary

Where Is Sarah Reid Going? After the news of Reid’s departure from Global News came into the media, many people have been asking questions about her new job.

Sarah Reid is an award-winning travel journalist, editor, author, and content creator who is famous for working at Global News.

She has been actively working in the broadcasting world for quite a while now and has gained broad experience by serving in various stations.

Since 2022, Reid has been working at Global News. Before that, she served in other stations. Moreover, Reid has also worked for various companies such as Tourism Australia, Destination NSW, Intrepid Travel, and Airbnb.

Currently, Reid is making headlines after the news of her departure from Global News came into the media.

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Where Is Sarah Reid Going After Leaving Global News? New Job

Everyone on the internet has been searching for Sarah Reid leaving Global News. After the news came into the media, people have been asking questions about Reid’s new job.

However, no news about Reid’s departure from Global News has been shared yet. At the time of this post, the verified media outlets have not given anything about Reid leaving the station.

Where Is Sarah Reid Going
Sarah Reid is not leaving Global News, but the rumor has remained in the media for quite a while now. ( Source: Instagram )

Not only that, Reid herself has not announced anything yet about her exit from Global News. Considering this fact, it can be said that the news of Reid leaving Global News may be fake.

As of now, it has remained as gossip as the verified media sources have not revealed the truth. People are concerned about this matter; more updates may be published later.

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Sarah Reid Salary And Net Worth Explored

Sarah Reid salary may be pretty decent, which she has earned from being a journalist. However, the actual amount of her income can’t be given at this time as the media sources have not shared anything yet.

Currently, Reid works at Global News as a weekend anchor/reporter. Not only that, but she also has the role of senior reporter and anchor.

Sarah Reid Salary
Sarah Reid has a decent salary which she has earned from her active work in the journalism world. ( Source: Instagram )

So, from her profession, Reid must be taking home a fair amount of money. Not to mention, a person working as an anchor earns $64831 on average.

As Reid also has the same job, she may earn in the same range. In the past, Sarah has also worked in various companies, which has helped her preserve a considerable net worth.

Take A Look At Sarah Reid Career 

Sarah Reid went to The University of British Columbia and earned her Master of Journalism. In addition to that, Reid attended Western University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Media.

Between June 2012 and August 2013, Reid worked as a team member at Booster Juice. Later, she also served as a health reporter at Western TV.

Sarah Reid Career 
Sarah Reid has an impressive career history as she has worked in various companies. ( Source: Instagram )

From 2012 to 2014, Reid was also associated with Rogers TV. From September 2014 to April 2015, Sarah worked as a sports reporter at Western TV.

Furthermore, Sarah also worked at CIXX FM for a long time and took various roles, including Sports and newscaster and News Reporter.

In January 2019, she joined CTV News and remained with them until 2022. After that, she began working at Global News. 

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