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Who Are Jill Petrushka And Marc Pfeffer? Miles Pfeffer Parents, Brother And Family

People want to know about Miles Pfeffer parents Jill Petrushka and Marc Pfeffer. Be with us till the end to know more details regarding Miles Pfeffer parents.

In connection with the murder of Temple University Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald, Miles Pfeffer is accused of several crimes.

Fitzgerald announced over the radio that he was in a foot pursuit moments before the incident. Other officers discovered him with multiple gunshot wounds to his face and upper torso.

Fitzgerald is shown falling to the ground after being shot by Miles with a handgun on security footage. The suspect then continues to shoot Fitzgerald while still standing over the policeman.

The prosecution has accused Miles of several crimes, including murder, the murder of a police officer, carjacking, and robbery. Bail is ineligible for Mileage.

Let’s dive deep to learn more about Miles Pfeffer parents, brother, and family.

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Miles Pfeffer Parents: Who Are Jill Petrushka And Marc Pfeffer?

Authorities searched the family home, and Miles’ mother was hauled in for questioning. According to Jill Petrushka and Marc Pfeffer’s Facebook profiles, Miles Pfeffer is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Four years ago, the family relocated to their home on the Boxley Farm off Quarry Road.

On February 19, 2023, a multi-agency team conducted a raid on the property, during which Miles was taken into custody, numerous weapons were seized, and Jill was interrogated.

Miles Pfeffer Parents
People want to know about Miles Pfeffer Parents. (Source: The Netline)

On Miles, Police used Fitzgerald’s handcuffs. We follow that protocol after an officer is killed, and we felt it was significant to cuff the suspect once more, Clark said.

According to neighbors who spoke with CBS News, cops frequently visited the home. According to officers, Miles, and local authorities had a run-in about “nuisance offenses” in the region.

Money and bicycles may be seen in Miles’ private Instagram profile photographs. Miles captioned the image of a man with his face hidden by fanned-out $20 bills and what seems to be a pistol protruding out of his belt, “Work hard not hard; make dumb mistakes face stupid consequences.”

Miles Pfeffer Brother Details

According to reports, Miles’ brother saw the incident.
Steve Keeley, a Journalist, claims that Miles’ brother saw Fitzgerald shoot Fitzgerald. Tweeted Keeley:

According to Law Enforcement, who spoke to FOX29, “The suspected killer’s brother was with him when Officer Fitzgerald tried to stop them and is one of the witnesses who saw & heard what transpired.

He hid in an alley, dove out when he heard gunfire, and saw the cop after Miles Pfeffer.

Keeley stated that Jill picked up Miles around 29th Street & Ridge Avenue and transported them home after fleeing the scene in a stolen car. It’s unclear if Jill’s brother is facing legal action.

Other Details on Miles Pfeffer

Fitzgerald was “a dad, an ardent runner, and as characterized by a colleague cop, ‘everything you would want in a Police officer,'” WPVI Journalist Beccah Hendrickson wrote on Facebook.

“Yesterday night, he was on duty, patrolling by himself, when he discovered a carjacking in progress and attempted to stop it,” she continued.

Miles Pfeffer Parents
Miles Pfeffer is the 18-year-old suspect accused of the murder of Temple. (Source: Heavy)

He was fatally shot. He is the first Temple Police officer to pass away while performing his duties.

In a tweet, the Temple University Police Association thanked the public for visiting the officer’s memorial. Fitzgerald is the son of a former Fort Worth, Texas, Police chief, according to WFAA-TV.

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