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Who Is Bilahari Kausikan Wife Lim Eng Neo? 3 Kids

This article gives insights on Bilahari Kausikan wife, kids and personal life details. Is the diplomat married?

In the realm of Singaporean diplomacy, Bilahari Kausikan stands as a prominent figure, lauded for his multifaceted roles in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations.

He holds the esteemed position of Chairman at the Middle East Institute of the National University of Singapore, coupled with the title of Senior Fellow at the SMU School of Social Sciences.

Yet, little is known about his personal life beyond his professional achievements. Many are left wondering about the woman behind this influential diplomat—his wife, Lim Eng Neo.

Details about their life together remain shrouded in mystery, raising questions about the private world of this public figure.

Moreover, there is curiosity surrounding Kausikan’s family life. How many children does he have?

This enigma continues to pique the interest of the public as they yearn to unravel the layers of the man behind the diplomatic persona.

As the public eagerly awaits more information, Kausikan’s personal life remains a captivating enigma amid his illustrious career.

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Bilahari Kausikan Wife: Is He Married To Lim Eng Neo?

In the intricate tapestry of Bilahari Kausikan’s life, his wife, Lim Eng Neo, emerges as a significant figure—a Peranakan woman, the daughter of the esteemed Lim Chong Pang, a pioneering businessman and philanthropist in Singapore.

Notably, Lim Chong Pang was a successful entrepreneur and the visionary behind Nee Soon Town, subsequently renamed Yishun, shaping the region’s urban landscape.

The story of Bilahari Kausikan and Lim Eng Neo began in the halls of the University of Singapore, where they both pursued their studies in political science.

Bilahari Kausikan Wife
Bilahari Kausikan and his wife, Lim Eng Neo, have been together for a few years now. (Image source: The News Paper)

Their connection blossomed, leading to their marriage in 1978, marking the commencement of a partnership that has endured over four decades.

Lim Eng Neo, a retired civil servant, made significant contributions to the community through her work in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth, and Sports.

Her dedication extended beyond the confines of her professional life, as she actively participated in social and community causes.

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Organizations such as the Singapore Children’s Society, the National Council of Social Service, and the Singapore Red Cross Society benefitted from her tireless efforts, underscoring the couple’s commitment to the betterment of society.

Lim Eng Neo has left an indelible mark on Singapore’s social fabric through her work and advocacy, standing as a testament to the power of dedication and community service.

Bilahari Kausikan Kids: How Many Children Does He Have?

Bilahari Kausikan, the eminent Singaporean diplomat, and his wife, Lim Eng Neo, have opened a window into their family life, revealing a trio of accomplished children.

Their eldest, Raman Bilahari Kausikan, has carved a path in law, graduating from Harvard Law School and now practicing at Allen & Gledhill LLP.

The second son, Arjun Bilahari Kausikan, chose medicine, earning his degree from Duke-NUS Medical School and serving at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Completing the trifecta is their daughter, Tara Bilahari Kausikan, a distinguished journalist who honed her craft at Columbia Journalism School and now contributes to The Straits Times.

Bilahari Kausikan family
Kausikan Bilahari has a trio of accomplished children. (Image Source: Mothership.SG)

Remarkably, all three siblings are bilingual fluent in both English and Mandarin, reflecting their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Their father’s passion for international affairs appears to have been inherited, evident in their career choices and experiences.

These young achievers have also shared in their father’s diplomatic journey, accompanying him on significant postings to countries like Russia, Canada, and Mexico.

Their diverse talents and global perspectives underscore the rich tapestry of the Kausikan family, showcasing a legacy of excellence and engagement with the world.

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