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Who Is Brandon Houston? Marques Houston Brother- Mom Carolyn And Dad

Marques Houston brother is Brandon Houston who gained the attention of his brother’s admirers after the singer talked about his return to the musical world in a recent interview.

Marques Houston, full name Marques Barrett Houston is a famous R&B singer, songwriter, and dancer from America.

Barrett has also established his name outside the music world as he is a professional model and actor with multiple completed projects in his portfolio.

The artist, who was a part of the R&B duo Immature/IMx from 1990 until 2002, went solo in 2003. Houston performance as Roger Evans in the television sitcom Sister, Sister showed his acting skill gaining praise from viewers.

The songwriter established the band Immature with his boyhood friends Don “Half Pint” Santos and Jerome “Romeo” Jones because he had enormous dreams of being a famous person as a child.

These youngsters were driven to go to Hollywood. The group wasn’t some band that would give up on their dreams.

Marques Houston Brother

As mentioned above, Marques Houston brother is Brandon Houston who is a younger sibling.

Brandon was born to his father Michael Houston and his mother Carolyn Houston in California USA. Besides Marques Houston brother, the singer also had two sisters named Brandye and Danielle Houston.

On the other hand, Marques Houston also has a cousin named B2k’s J-Boog.

Brandon and his brother and sister were raised in their Los Angeles hometown. The dancer completed his schooling at Montebello High School.

As of today, there is no information about Marques Houston brother like his profession or age in any published media.

Marques Houston brother
Marques Houston framed with his beautiful wife at their wedding. (Source: People)

All the Houston family mourned the death of their mother, Carolyn, who died after a long battle with Lymphoma in 1997.

People often confused Marques Houston brother with Omarion. However, the rumors about Houston and Omarion being siblings are false.

Omarion and Marques Houston were frequently thought to be half-brothers. This results from Chris Stokes managing both IMx and Omarion’s musical group B2K. Houston is also the cousin of J-Boog from B2K, which increased rumors further.

The two singers are not related, despite the well-known claims that they are half-brothers. No credible internet site has asserted that they are blood-related in any way.

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Marques Houston: Mom, Carolyn And Dad

Marques Houston was born to his mother, Carolyn and father, Michael Houston, on August 4, 1981.

The parents raised Marques Houston with his sisters and younger brother in Los Angeles, California.

Carolyn and Michael always supported their son’s singing and dancing career. They helped the artist grow and supported Houston in his hard times.

However, after the demise of the actor’s mother, Carolyn lost the battle with Lymphoma in 1997. Marques’s mother’s death was a setback to the Houston family.

After the loss, the songwriter overcame the challenge and established himself in multiple fields such as acting and modeling.

The model also garnered attention when he uploaded a beautiful picture with his father, Michael escorting him down the aisle at his marriage to the stunning Miya Dickey.

Marques Houston father
Marques Houston with his father, Michael Houston walking down the aisle. (Source: Instagram)

Houston acknowledged in his caption that he realized it was unusual and unconventional for his father to guide him down the aisle, but those who knew him well understood that he enjoyed standing out from the crowd.

The dancer expressed his gratitude to his dad, Michael, for having raised, supported, and stood with him through all his accomplishments and setbacks.

The touching comment and picture of Michael walking behind his kid in a white tux while sporting a magnificent gray beard wowed Houston’s admirers to their very core.

The artist, who will never forget his mother, shared a throwback photo of her late in 2019 in remembrance of his first prom when he was in preschool.

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